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Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am smiling ear to ear this morning!!  I just got an update on our precious little guy.He looks so happy.
Here are a few of the questions we asked:
 How does he feel about being adopted by our family?   He is very happy and very much would like to be adopted.
What makes Xi He Hai scared?
He is afraid of being disfavored by the people who loves him. 
What makes him happy?  
Play games or play with other children makes him happy. 
What are his favorite type of toys so we can be sure to bring some for him when we meet?  
Legos and electronic toys.
To be honest, I really wanted to hear how he felt about being adopted.  He looks like he has a lot of fun with his friends, it would be very logical for him to be scared about being adopted and just want to stay with his friends and caretakers.  I am sure he will be nervous, but it sounds like he is at least being prepared for being adopted and meeting us.  

I have started my packing in hopes to eek in before the October moon festival  (need to make a note to add some legos to our suitcase)... it will be a miracle so we are praying and our amazing adoption coordinator is working on it!    If you have anyone in your home that is and adult (18 or over)  when you adopt, you have to have background checks, fingerprints and a homestudy done for them...  We would really like to be home before Collin's 18th bday so we can save ourselves a bunch of time and $$, and stress.    We should know by next week if we are going to make this deadline... please send up a prayer for us if you would.  


Sarabeth Hudson said...

<3 Yay! <3

Cheri said...

How Exciting!

Mommy said...

Ahhhhhhh! YAY! YAHOO! So exciting! Bless his little heart. He is so precious! I am praying you are there and back before the infamous bday. That is sooo frustrating!

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

I'm from RQ and have followed your blog off and on for quite some time. So how did I miss that you were adopting again? Congrats! And GREAT NAME! Our son is Tyson, and we call him Ty...he calls himself Ty Ty :) I hope everything goes quick!

groovy mama said...

Very handsome little guy! Luck lucky you! So what are your stats on this guy? You started from ground up right on paperwork? Who is the cute little girl with him?


Angie said...

He is so stinkin' cute! I am praying you guys will make it before your deadline-if anyone can make it happen-XC can! He looks great!

julie and joe said...

He is ADORABLE!!!! So glad you got updated pictures...and he is going to LOVE being in your family, so many kids, it will be just like school:)

Jennifer and Greg said...

Praying for you all right now. I hope it works out to travel soon.

He is a cutie!


Shannon, Penny, Elias, Norah and soon to be Samuel..... said...

Praying praying praying! He is so rediculously cute!! And he looks so happy :) Safe travels!!!

Serving the King said...

Yay!! Love updates!! He is such a cutie!! Congratulations!! You are getting so close!!

Hebnix said...

Prayers sent, fingers crossed and smiling so much in my heart for you guys!

Myra said...

Amy! he looks so great! Actually all the kids in the pic do! Smiling, well fitted clothes, good hair and skin, well fed. It just makes you feel like they are well cared for and happy! So thrilled for you! I have a feeling you will get there in October! You have been so blessed this whole process I just know it's going to continue!!


Afamily4Him said...

Oh Amy, He is so stikin CUTE!!!! Oh precious little one, I will be praying he will get to come home ASAP!

Our family: said...

Hi Amy! So exciting that you are traveling soon! What an adorable new son you have!

I have a friend in China right now. She she met her little boy a few days ago. If by chance you see her in China say hello.
She should be in Guangzhou next week.