Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice when He could do something about it. But I'm afraid God might ask me the same question.

Friday, August 27, 2010

sneak peek of the boys room

We really started working on the boys room this week. I painted one
whole wall with chalkboard paint and the kiddos and I have had fun
chalkin' it up. Collin is showing off his Chinese writing which is
quite cool. I am so looking forward to the bond he will have with Ty
since he will hopefully be able to help us translate those first few
months when the language barrier will be tough. I'll show off the
rest of the room here soon, when it is all done.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of school this morning... 
it's a really early day,  for goodness sakes it's still dark out, and this little one is my sleeper.  She is so fun to wake up early in the a.m. :(
the littles are a bit anxious as they have to start at a new schools since we moved just before summer.  A whole 4 miles from our old house and it lands us in a new school district.

it hit me like a ton of bricks that this is ... the last- first day of school my boy will have while living at home.  the last time i will be able to take these obligatory first day of school pics and send him on his way- waiting to hear how his day went.  i love this stinkin' kid, i used to be so scared of the teen years but he's my bud.  i am so proud of the man he is becoming.  he has such an old soul and thankfully is the exact opposite of the usual teen that has a huge sense of entitlement.  he's the one that puts me in check when i am whining or complaining about silly things.  he is quick to show me the bigger picture.   he's going to do great things this guy,  i can't wait to witness it!
another big first/last.  our pseudo son - James left for college and broke my heart.  I love this boy like one of my own, it was so sad to see him go.  but he promised to come "home" for all the holidays and breaks.  We will miss this guy, all the kids love him to pieces and our house feels more complete when he is in it.    I look at the photo of these two guys and it upsets me that teens get such a bad rap.  these guys are loving, caring, motivated and just all around fun to be around.  

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Full Circle moment

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing a full circle moment that could take your breath away.  Last year a few days after meeting Finn for the first time we were lucky enough to visit her orphanage.  It was  probably the most heartbreaking day of my life and the faces of the hundreds of children I saw still haunt me.  But this is not a story of sorrow, this is pure joy.  While I was at the orphanage I had the priviledge of holding this precious child, Josie
Her Mama and I had "spoken" and she had asked if I could take a photo of her when I was there.  Well I got to hold her and hug on her and she was such a sweet girl, it was hard to walk away even  knowing he parents would be there in just a few weeks get her. 
Well just over a year later and our family just happened to be passing through the town where she lives with her beautiful family so we couldn't miss the chance for a quick reunion.  

These beautiful girls don't yet understand the enormity of this quick breakfast at a Cr@cker B@rrel, and that is wonderful.. We hope to be able to get them together over the years because the fact that these girls slept right next to each other for their first year and a half, they heard the cries and heart beats.  There is a bond of family between these little ladies.  I hope that someday they can forge a friendship that will help them heal some of the holes that they may feel.  

Plus she just happens to have the most wonderful, beautiful family which makes it very easy to want to stay connected!  Don't they look alike?  I just think they are too cute for words :)

Also, talk about coincidence, while we were on the Disn@y cruise, I met a family with two beautiful girls from China.  While we were talking we figured out that her daughter and Finn were also from the same orphanage and were there at the same time!  We did get one photo, but I didn't ask her if I could post it, so I don't feel right doing so.  But it was just so neat to see what a small world we are living in.  All the way from Dongguan City China, and Finn meets two of her buddies within a week.  Amazing. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

what we've been up to

The fam just got back from a Disn@y cruise with Granpa, Abui (a.k.a. Grandma) & Aunt Jenny

It was quite literally the perfect vacation for a big 'ol family like ours
The girls in their new digs... Finn's first time in a big girl bed and all went well
My Bahama Mama Beauties :) 
My biggest cutie pie
We were blessed with perfect weather for 99% of our cruise
the whole crew at dinner
What up Mickey
there was a pirate night party and our grandparents are the bomb because they do it up for the kiddos
When we got off the cruise we had to hang in Orlando for a few days... we love Se@ world, we had a ball visiting the parks & water parks... 
To keep it all real, we did have our moments that looked more like this...  hey but this is a blog.. I'm not supposed to talk about that kind of stuff right :)
So 15 bottles of sunblock, hundreds of miles traveled, way too much bribery in the form of candy and we are looking forward to school starting next week.  We had a ball on vacation though.. Some people ask me if I'm nutty with all these kids, and sure I have my moments...but honestly, truly, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I wouldn't change a thing.  I can't wait to meet Ty and I soo hope and pray that he loves our crazy life as much as I am sure we will love him.  

Friday, August 6, 2010

A few updates...

So I know I have been pretty quiet on the adoption front, I have had a lot to say but none would have made sense so I just kept it to myself.  We had a bit of a paperwork fiasco that had my head spinning, but hopefully the dust has settled.  We have found ourselves in a very good place...hopefully.  We have been told that we may be able to travel sooner than we expected, BUT there is a hitch.... We have to receive all the necessary approvals right on time (if not a bit early).  If not, things may get a bit messy as I am putting all my proverbial eggs in one basket.    If y'all wouldn't mind sending up a prayer... specifically that we are able to leave China by Collin's 18th B-day!! We would be soooo incredibly grateful.    And I just had to share another photo of our little man,  who now has a name!!!!  We have his first name picked out now we just need a middle name...    

Most of you know that we are adopting Ty through the waiting child (or special needs) program.  He has quite a scar on his neck and in some of his photos you can see him holding things up in front of his adorably handsome little face, which of course just breaks my stinkin' heart.   Isn't he just the cutest little man!  and he looks so different with longer hair.  We think he is 100% perfect in every way.    I just can't wait to squish on him xoxoxo

I have been slacking on the blog this summer... with all the craziness 'round here.  I will probably be taking is slow for the next few weeks as well.. I just gotta relax and soak up all my babies for a while.. before school (and glorious routine) starts again.  Love y'all :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family reunion

we had company in town this past week,  their family is so much more than company though, they are more like family....
we met last year while we were waiting for our precious girls, and then we were able to spend our time in China together, we vowed to get together once we were home
I don't know what we expected when we meshed our two rowdy crews...their 4 kiddos and our 5.....(not all pictured below) 
But you know what, it was wonderful.  Our kids all acted like long lost cousins and they never skipped a beat. 
we took a few fun field trips too, like going tubing where I wished I would have brought along a waterproof camera, because the only photo I have is the kiddos waiting in their tubes in the parking lot....

We also went to a super fun place called sliding rock,,, a natural waterslide... water temps below freezing and a few near death experiences make for some fun stories
The next day we took the train to the city to the Childrens museum.   I think the kids had a ball.

These guys are just about the sweetest (yet manly) young men you would ever want to meet... oh how they just doted on all the little ones... too sweet.   Hey Ang.. if this guy ever goes missing, he may just be at my house :)
We had such a great time!!! we are already missing you all and hoping we can get together again soon...