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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Amazing Day!

So I will admit that when we left Guangzhou yesterday we were a bit jealous of all the people headed straight home, we miss our kiddos and our routine like mad.   But we are really ending our trip on a high note here in Beautiful Beijing! We spent the day climbing the Great wall and visiting the Summer Palace.  Stunning.  We leave for home tomorrow evening :)  Love to you all!
These two are getting along so fantastically

What a difference a Daddy makes :)

Kobi is getting tons of attention :) 

engraved medals for climbing the wall

our little goof-ball

playing at the summer palace

Sleeping in tomorrow morning, going on a Hutong tour and then headed for the airport !!!!  Can't wait to squish all my babies  


Afamily4Him said...

Look at all your AMAZING AMAZING pictures you will have to take back with you! Just stunning! I am so glad you are so close to being home! Praying for smooth and safe travels. God Bless!


Megan said...

Amy--GREAT pics. I know your fam is going to be so excited to see you and their new bro.
megan C

Angie said...

Great pictures A!!! I'm sure you are glad to soon be home to see all your kiddos. Ty and Kobi look like best buds! That was really great having her go along! She also looks like she's having a blast-once you get home and settled, and get a minute (yes, I know, what does that mean?) Drop us a line! Miss you all!


Mommy said...

YAY YAY YAY! You should be on your way home soon! Wish I could be there to welcome you with a big sign, a smile and a HUGE hug! You'll have to settle for my thoughts and prayers. Much love from TN as you make your way home to your family of 8 (in the same state). XOXO

Truly Blessed said...

Oh Amy, the caption "What a difference a Daddy makes" has me in tears!

Have a safe flight home and post pictures of the big reunion as soon as you can!