Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice when He could do something about it. But I'm afraid God might ask me the same question.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I must be feeling nostalgic

I can't even wrap my mind around what a difference 6 months can make in the life of a child.  I struggle with how deep to get on this ol' blog sometimes so I guess I can stick with some of the obvious signs.   See my adorable boy, I realize that I am crazy biased but I think he is just ridiculously handsome.
Now see this picture, does he not look like a totally different kid. 

This boy has put on over 10 pounds in the last 6 months...he gained most of that weight in the first 2 months.  I'm so glad to have those chubby cheeks.  
10 pounds is a lot for this little guy.. about 30% of his body weight.  Here he is again the day we met.  

It has been awe inspiring to watch a child grow and learn as much as he has in 6 Months.  His behavior was more like a two year old...and now he is about up to age level. 

Watching him learn new toys and new behaviors and simple things like running and jumping...which he couldn't do 6 months ago.. it's all just amazing.
The first photo I saw of him was a baby pic... and I just swore he looked so much like Finn.  I rarely see a resemblance any more but when I took this photo the other day I caught of glimpse of their similarities again... 
 Have I ever mentioned how loving this boy is..  I have just never seen anything like it...
 Are you ever just in a zone doing something and then "Whack"  you hit your elbow, so you simply wince and moan "ouch" to has anyone ever paid attention to that complaint... well no one ever listened to me..   until now.  If I stub my toe or bump into the cabinet (Yes, I'm a total clutz) and say a simple.."oww".  This boy comes running. "Mama, what's wrong.  Did you hurt yourself.  Do you need a bandaid.  Do you need me to rub your back.  Can I help you"  Seriously this boy loves with a heart bigger than I have ever known.    Love you buddy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three years...

I can't believe it has been three years since this epically life changing day...We walked into the civil affairs office in Hunan China filled with angst and excitement.  Our sweet Mina was understandably scared and traumatized.  We became a family this day and I am forever grateful. 
I know it is a bit cliche to say, "she was born in my heart"  but I feel it...just like I felt it this day, and the first day I saw her photo... I knew that face, I knew she was my daughter that I had dreamed about since I was a teenager.    I tell her all the time that she is my "dream", since she surely is my dream come true.
She was the tiniest, sweetest, timid,  most fragile little thing.  But it didn't take her long to open her heart to us.
She has a giggle that can warm the coldest heart.
 And those eyes, holy cow.  Beauty

We rocked her world a bit when we brought Finn home 14 months later but she has grown into being a wonderful big sister.

Life has been going a mile a minute around here and I got very emotional looking for the photos for this post.  She has grown so much in three years.  I feel like sometimes I miss the small moments in the chaos.  I vow once again to simplify and soak it all in. 

Because this is what I am most proud of.  This is what I could never accomplish on my "to do" list.
Mina, My dear sweet girl, my dream, my love, 
I am so honored to be your Mama.  I am so proud of you, and amazed by you.
Sometimes I look at you and see a teenager, you are so wise and insightful. 
But you will always be my baby.   You are treasured and loved.  You have changed my life and soul for the better.   I know you will accomplish great things.    You have blessed our lives, and we over the top love you!
Here is her gotcha day video.  Which we will surely be watching tonight.  I will need a box of tissues for sure.  I am so thankful for this day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

This beautiful girl needs a family!

I just have to come to you all and share a piece of my heart.  This little girl is so precious and she has been waiting so long for a family.  There was a time months ago that there was a late night call to our agency to see if we could bring her home at the same time as Ty, at the time it was an impossibility.   Now we are in absolutely no position to adopt again,,,but alas this beautiful girl still waits...and I am heartbroken.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see her find a family!  I have prayed for this little one for over a year, and she has never been far from my mind.  I had thought for a while she had been matched...but still she waits.

Here is a little bit of what her file says about her:
She is an intelligent lovable girl. She is lively, likes smiling, and gets on well with others. She adapts to the environment quickly.  She has strong desire to be a good girl. She attends class on time, listens with single-hearted devotion, and finishes the work promptly. She is polite to people, respects to teachers and seniors and unites schoolmate. She positively joins in all activities at school. She likes looking the child animated cartoon and the children entertainment program, likes singing, dances, and paints pictures and so on.

Doesn't she just have the sweetest face?  Can't you see her hair all grown out, and dressed all girlie like?   

Could you help me spread the word that this precious girl needs a family? I know she will bring such joy to a family, I can just see it in her sweet face! I can't wait to see hear that she no longer waits! 

She is on my agencies individual list as of today.  Which just so happens to be the very bestest agency in my opinion.  She is part of the special needs program and she has a blood condition..Hepatitis B carrier..which in MY opinion is a complete non issue and will in all likely hood never effect her life or anyone around her.  If you want to view her file and consider her for adoption please contact the BAAS China coordinator (a.k.a. my angel on earth), at email address :

Thursday, March 17, 2011


We got back from disney a few days ago, and boy does it take me longer to get back into the swing of things after being away for awhile, sheesh.  Can anyone say laundry :)    Here's our one shot photo op in front of the castle..."hey, Ty, whatcha looking at?"
 Me and my this stinkin' kid.  I thought you weren't supposed to like them when they are teenagers?    He's my bud...I wish we could take off and travel someplace crazy for a month or two..  We  both love a good adventure :)
 Now this looks super comfy, right?   The girls took their daily much needed naps each day, thank goodness!

 Waiting in lines, inevitable disney dilemma.
 My little boys are really just starting to bond, and it is so wonderful.  Ty was quite intimidated by Jack for the first few months...he preferred to stay closer to the little he is seeking Jack out a little more.
 This pic for some reason looks like a bad night club pic..  but cute of my boys..  are you liking Ty's long hair?  He has the best hair in the family by far...  thinking of letting him grow it out "Bieber style" just so I can mess with it.
 What is it about the ice cream in Disney, it just taste better...and for $40 a darn well better :)

 Do you think the wait staff cringes when they see this rowdy crowd?

 Epcot countries... my fav in all of Disney!  I could spend days there just eating.
 This guy was my shadow the entire trip..."I wanna be Mama's buddy"  "I wanna sit next to Mama".  He's a mama's boy like I have never seen before,,, i'm not complaining...I'm loving it.
 This is what my kitchen feels like at 5:30 every night!
 I think our local orthodontist is going to love our family in a few years...
We had a super fun trip...we used to be South Florida people and would do Disney every year...I don't think that will be happening anymore... I need a vacation from our was fun but exhausting!