Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice when He could do something about it. But I'm afraid God might ask me the same question.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last full day in Nanjing

Kobi loving the markets :)

Every time I tried to take a pic of Kobi, Ty would pop his silly self in front of her...typical little brother :) 

This sweet boy has completely captured my heart. 

At the Ming Tomb

So surely this is not what they are there for, but the kiddos sure thought it was a fun way to get around a history lesson of the dynasties and emperors of hundreds of years ago.  
Thank you so much for all the comments about the food.  It really made me feel better.  He was thrilled that we stuffed his little bag full of snacks!  It really helped showing up at breakfast,,, he'd already had a few snacks so he wasn't super hungry.  I think that is the key, not letting him get hungry.  

 We also had him eat breakfast with his chopsticks, which made him eat much slower... and took a few trips to the buffet. It was great because he finished about the same time as the rest of us.
It was reassuring that he would continuously pull out his little snack bag, but he didn't feel the need to eat every last bit.  He would put it back in his little pack and take them out again a few minutes later.  He is distracted by the tours, and by being out and about, which is very good too.  He has eaten a ton today, but not all at one sitting.    I really feel like this will work itself out in due time.  He does need to put some meat on his bones,, I am thankful that on a whim I threw a pair of 2T shorts in my bag... they are the only ones that really fit him at 5 1/2 !  And his feet are the same size as Mina's. Not to worry my dear son, Food is our family love language :)   We leave for Guangzhou tomorrow which is good, Marc isn't feeling well today and I can only think of how easy it would be to take the kids around Shaiman island by myself... hopefully he feels better tomorrow though... and praying that whatever he has isn't "catchy".      


Hebnix said...

Hoping that Marc is feeling better, and so happy that the snack bag is working for you.

So excited to see if they do anything to celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival! It's this weekend in Philadelphia, and I am wondering how they do it in China.. anxious to hear about that.

I'm sure that Kobi is having a blast picking up trinkets for everyone at home.... She's got a look in her that is way beyond her years.... Such a sweetie to share her momma so well, while in an unfamiliar place like this...

Just cannot say to much how very happy we are for you guys!

Truly Blessed said...

Aww, poor Mark. Being sick in a different country is no fun. Praying he feels better soon.

So glad so see Ty with a backpack full of snacks. I'm sure it helps him feel more in control of being able to eat when he's hungry (oh, my heart just aches to think of little children being uncertain of getting their next meal).

I love the idea of having him eat with chopsticks! Of course, if he's anything like our Chinese exchange student, he will use the chopsticks to just push the food off of the plate into his mouth! (Yuck)

I'll say it again, you have such a lovely family! I'm enjoying your journey (again!).

Alisa Coriell said...

Amy, your pictures are just SO BEAUTIFUL! Please come with me when it comes our turn! LOL! TY is just the cutestest, sweetest little guy and I am so glad he is digging have snacks in his pack. You are right, it all will work it's self out in time and especially with a great Mama and Papa looking after him!

Melissa said...

Loving these updates, Amy. I look forward to waking up everyday to read about Ty's latest adventure. So glad the food issue seems to be working itself out.

Our church is praying for your family. They know you all by name and are praying for a smooth transition for Ty and the rest of the kids.

Love for Lilly Yin said...

Awww....Amy he is too cute! I can't wait to go back. I am living vicariously through you!

Lilly also did that with the food. Once we were home, I showed her how much food we had and she nearly fainted. I also allowed her to eat a snack ANYTIME she wanted, and kept them easy to access. She also took a snack to bed with her and put it under her pillow. It didnt take long for her to realize we were going to feed her and food is always available. She has told me since then that sometimes when she lived in China her belly was hungry. : ( Now she rarely snacks, and eats normal portions.

Anonymous said...

It's like watching my trip only with different faces in it! You guys are even at the same hotel we were at! :) We loved the Ming Tomb. Lots of beautiful spots and LOTS of room for little boys to run around. Joshua was the same age and wearing 2T shorts too. Crazy.
What a blessing to see you all together! love, the Humes

A Cup of Cold Water said...

amy! i am SO thankful that things are going well! every fear put to rest, right! :) SO HAPPY FOR YOU!
i hope your husband starts to feel better quickly. chances are in china with an american stomach, it isn't something catchy! i do pray that everyone stays well though!

Simply-Family said...

I remember that Megan (at age 3.75) ate 5 bananas one day, countless cherry tomatoes at a time, and one day at 4-5 scrambled eggs. She never got sick, and I didn't let her gorge on too much else at one time, but I think her little brain just needed more food and lots of protein.

I love the idea of the snacks. Healthy for the body and soul to be in charge of his food.

He is just so cute!!! You all look great.

Linda G, waiting for Shanna, BAAS

Jennifer Barbee said...

It is so wonderful to see that precious boy with his family.
Saying get well prayers for Marc.
Love you !

Michele said...

What a blessing to be able to follow along on your journey. Little Ty's smile is so sweet...I love all the pictures! Praying that the rest of your trip goes smoothly and that no one gets sick!

shelley said...

Our boy is from Wuxi as well. Thanks so much for sharing your story with really brings back memories. He has been home 18 months. We loved his glad that he was taken such good care of there.

Sarabeth Hudson said...

Hey Amy! I should have talked to you about this before you left...but it was so crazy fast! Lots of ifs here and if it is not possible, don't worry. If you have a chance and if you have room..... Berkeley is on her last size of shoes you got last time you were there. Do they have the same ones in bigger sizes? (brown and black squeaker shoes with flowers across the strap) She has up to size 8 (she is now wearing one 7 and one 8) and I'd love to have a few more sizes. Or even another set of any kind of casual shoe she could wear daily. Many thanks if you can....perfectly ok if you can't. Love watching your trip!!! Lots of love to you all <

Myra said...

So enjoying stalking you blog...I'ts like dejavu...I did the same thing with our last went and picked up Finn exactly 3 months before we went for Sammy...looks like about the same schedule again this bittersweet!!! (for me) This time your even in hood! Where are you staying by the way..I haven't seen any hotel pics? I can't wait to get back!!! Hope Marc feels better! Kobi and Ty seem to be completely comfortable together! Hope things continue this way!

Mommy said...

You are sailing along. You'll be home soon. Remember one day at a time. How's he doing with the grieving? He looks so happy in the photos but I know looks can be deceiving. Glad you are on familiar ground now in GZ. XOXO and prayers from TN, Misty