Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice when He could do something about it. But I'm afraid God might ask me the same question.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Waiting for my family

The adorable little guy was born in December of 07. He was born with a heart condition and has already had surgery to correct it. His file states: His recuperation was good with normal heart and lungs functions.
This precious little girl is waiting for her family! She was born February 2006 with scoliosis. It doesn't seem to slow her down a bit.

At the age of 12 months, she could call mother and father with conscious, at the age of 16m, she learned to walk. Now, she is 2 years and 5 months old, she can run alone steadily, is able to express need with language. She is extrovert, has ready smile, and likes outdoors games.

She is listed on the BAAS agency specific list. If your dossier is logged in with a different agency the CCAA will now allow you to move your dossier to complete her adoption.

to receive more information about these sweet kids, please contact

Xiaoqing Cai

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adoption,,, excuse me while I get a few things out there.

Adoption is my passion. It is a wonderfully difficult blessing when you know the purpose God has put on your life. Figuring out what exact direction to focus that passion has me completely and utterly confused. I struggle with how much information to put onto my blog about adoption and my heart for the millions of children waiting for families as I know this blog is also a family journal that sometimes speaks to the wonderfully simple family things as well. My girls are my daughters and I never want anyone to view them as "poster children" for my passion. I have spent the past few years completely absorbed in the ins and outs of adoption. The children who wait are what really hurts my heart. Especially when I see hundreds of people waiting and wanting to adopt, or even worse, people giving up on their dream of adopting. Why should you have to wait to adopt when their are so many children wasting out their days waiting for a family.

If you are considering adoption or are stuck somewhere in the process, keep reading: You don't have to wait!! You have to fight for you kids everyday of their lives, it is part of being a parent. When you start the adoption process you better be ready to put up a fight. You need to do your research, you need to be proactive, you need to make some phone calls, you need to ask TONS of questions, you need to ask TONS of questions to tons of agencies, to people who have adopted before. Especially people who know what they are doing. YOU CAN ASK ME, and I know several other people you can ask too. If you call one place and you get discouraged , call someone else. If you want my opinion of the best adoption agency for China's waiting children ... the one that will help you find your child and actually communicate with you, you have to call B.A.A.S., We used them for our adoption with Finn and it was amazing. Xiaoqing (pronounced Show-ching)the China coordinator, found Finn for us 2 days after I contacted her (notice I say 2 days after contacting, not after sending in $$, or our dossier). She will go to great lengths to help you find a child... Everyone who has contacted her, has found their child. She is passionate about the Waiting children of China, I am amazed by her. If you are looking for an agency to start an adoption,or if you are stuck with a different agency that is not helping you find your child. You need to call her! Her number is 415-459-2481
If you have any questions for me ask away, I will try to answer them. If you want me to respond privately leave your email address.

Friday, September 25, 2009

You just crossed the CRAZY line...

I'm not sad to say that today is the last day of Homecoming week for Collin. I am also not lying when I say I was a little annoyed when Marc and Collin came in last night after shaving Collin's hair into a ridiculous mohawk all for the sake of a silly dress up day at school. Painting your kid green and shaving their head are two totally different kinds of crazy... am I right?
I probably wouldn't have cared, but I was seriously starting to think about our annual nightmare - the Christmas card photo.... You know the one time a year that we put everyone together at the same moment with their hair combed, teeth brushed, and clothes that don't have stains all down the front. It is a day filled with much angst... and I am already starting to dread, I mean plan it. Or at least I was until I saw my son, who is usually an extremely conservative, never push the style envelope kind of kid, how long until this train wreck grows out?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What is the opposite of Mellow?

If I had one word to describe Collin, it would be a hard choice... Intense, Loyal, Character... those things come to mind... Mellow, that would be a horrible choice, boy is never mellow. He is in student council and he takes it very seriously.. but then again Collin takes most things seriously... well not cleaning his room, or doing homework, but don't get me started. When your 17 year old wakes you up at 5:00 a.m. more than once in a week so you can help him paint his face, it must be Homecoming week. Let me just say... never a dull moment.
Superhero day
Pirate day, complete with painted on chest hair... Poor Finn is so confused. I missed pictures of Nerd day, and Disney Character day...I hadn't had my coffee yet... Do you think I am excited to see what the last day of Homecoming week entails... For now me and the girls will be making a run to the craft store to pick up a few requested items... did I already say, "never a dull moment"

Monday, September 21, 2009

We are the "project people"...

We were sure we were in over our heads on this one...
What a stinkin' mess.
We love a good project, but when you find yourself scrubbing your children's and your own hands with bleach because they are saturated with dye, you start to question your Mommy logic. We started out with gloves and good intentions and then things quickly went south. Then after dinner we got to "untie" our shirts and rinse them out. We were giddy.. they turned out way cool. And the kids were already asking when we could do it again. We made 7 shirts. Kobi and Jack were so excited to put them on for school this morning, our hands still a little blotchy with stain.. but this one was worth the mess. Do you think this has anything to do with my drive to move to the country, raise a few farm animals and become a hippie?.... the kids would gladly follow....We shall see, suburbia isn't working for us, but the crumby real estate market is keeping us happily content for now.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The only way she can get any cuter...

Hey good lookin'
How's about a smooch?
I didn't think I would say this a few months back when she was throwing temper tantrums, bashing her head against any hard surface available to the point of needed surgery and scaring us silly. But Girl has become one of our mellow kids, she is so loving , funny and happy and so adjusted it blows our minds.

I would surely take two of her any day.. She has completely stolen my heart.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Men..

I am so blessed to be surrounded by thoughtful men. My heart breaks when I hear woman complaining about the men in their lives. I also make it a habit to compliment mothers of boys when I see them teaching them to be sensitive as well as "sturdy". I am NOT of fan of the "boys will be boys" club. Anyhow, I digress.... I had a birthday this past weekend...

Marc made me dinner... The sweetest thing about this is that I know this is not easy for him...
he scoured a recipe website, found a recipe he thought I would like and studied the instructions.. The CUTEST part of the whole thing... I found him watching youtube videos about Mincing garlic, because he didn't know exactly what "minced" meant, when he read it in the recipe. That is why I felt completely loved when I ate this meal.
It means more to me than any gift-wrapped glittery thing ever. Plus it is clams and shrimp in a white wine sauce ladies, you know he wasn't making that for himself... Full on chick-food!

Collin went out on his own and bought some new clothes for me... I love them, he knew I would. He is crazy thoughtful and always spoils me on Mother's day and my b-day. If the old tale about how to know if a man is good by how he treats his Mama, then I know for sure he is going to be a great husband someday. He also spent his only day off at the movies with his Mama, we went to see the new Tyler Perry movie... I love his movies, he is the bomb-diggity..
You think he would say,,, Mom you are way too old to be sporting a batman t-shirt for goodness sake. By the way.. How old do you have to be and how gray does your hair have to be before you shouldn't be trying to pull off this look, because I like it, but as I type this I am wearing a string friendship bracelet and black nail polish... maybe I do spent too much time around kids????
And my sweet father-in-law brought me these flowers... He is the 1st generation "Good Man", thanks for teaching your boy to be such a great husband and father.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today was the first morning since Finn has been home that it is just Mina, Finn & Mommy at home. She came home that first week that summer started and things around here never slowed down for a second. We have also had some super fun visitors since school started this year. So today it was just me and the little girls. Mina and Finn have found a new groove, I was skeptical that they would ever find it, but they have actually been getting along pretty well most of the time, even playing together and giggling together. I am so excited to soak up my girls in the next few weeks. I didn't get great photos, I spent all of 30 seconds trying to capture them... we had brownies and tickle fights to attend to....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Girls Night

Kobi and I had a very special girls night out. Papa surprised us a few months ago with tickets for Taylor Sw*ft, who just happens to be Kobi's favorite singer. We have really been looking forward to this for quite awhile. Kobi picked out her own outfit and had to approve mine as well.

The two of us went to dinner by ourselves but couldn't help but choose the restaurant that Collin works at so we could stop by and hang with him for a bit.
Then we got on the train and headed downtown to the arena. Kobi had to find a creative spot on the super crowded train. I love how my girl can go with the flow. She couldn't wait to sport the most expensive t-shirt she will ever own. Papa doesn't mess around either, we had good seats.
We had a great time together on our first of many girls nights. I love hangin' with my kids. I am one lucky Mama

Friday, September 4, 2009

I've never been on this side of the jet-lag. It is truly a powerful moment. Mia's family came home this morning. Aren't they the cutest family ever? Her little brother, Thane, is as cute and sweet as they get. He didn't waste any time running around with the crowd, passing out hugs, and chattering away in half English/Chinese. It doesn't get any better than this..

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who is having more fun, them or me?
Is it wrong to use your kids for your own personal entertainment?
The heat of summer has finally let up enough for Mina to wear her "puppy". Girl loves herself some hats. She wore this one for 2 straight months last winter, the first coolish day and she found puppy right away. We all decided to join her.


Our dog, Maggie, made a new friend the other day. If you can believe it her new friend is just a baby and is only half way grown, and Maggie... well not so much a baby. I love her new friend, the kids liked him too. My kids know that I have big dreams of being a hippie, escaping from suburbia and livin' off the land. Someday when I get there, to my own wide open space, Jack and I will make it a priority to find ourselves a big ol' country dog or two. For now we have Maggie, we love Maggie, Maggie loves suburban life, but I know she dreams of the city life, one with a yuppie Mommy that would carry her in a little purse and put little shoes on her. She settles for the girls pushing her in baby strollers, being put in backpacks, wearing doll clothes. But I see the longing in her eyes, she wishes her name was Tinkerbell and she lived in the penthouse of the Plaza hotel.