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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If yesterday was Sweet, today was Bittersweet

What an absolutely CRAZY day!!!  So we thought it was so cute last night when Ty was scarfing down mcnuggets, milkshakes and jellybeans...  now I know that was a huge rookie mistake as they totally wreaked havoc on his little system and he woke up this morning after his poor little skin and bones body has exploded at both ends.  After we cleaned him up he seemed much better so we headed for the breakfast buffet.  
My queasy boy in the car
We had a little meltdown when Marc walked away to get the food as he did not want to see him leave.  He is super attached to us and rarely wants to let go of our hands. 
 Afterwards we headed to the civil affairs office to complete the adoption in China's eyes.  
Walking into the Civil affairs, yeah I know I need to buy him some new shoes.. I was way off on  the ones I brought and still have yet to get to a real store. 

Kobi playing with Ty's nannies and her silly band collection.. Ty trying to figure out his upside down leapster :)

Then we headed to the orphanage... it was quite surreal that the Orphanage director and two nannies hitched a ride for the two and a half hour journey to the SWI and then took us to lunch.. So we had tons of time to ask questions.. all the while our boy was tossing his cookies in the sick bags I swiped from the airplane. 

They were very gracious, even letting us have tons of photos and info from his original file!  Then they took us on a tour of where our son has been living since he was one day old and it was enough to make you cry a river. 
  I will forever worry about some of the children that we met today.  Their faces so sweet and so bright.  Most of Ty's class has had their file at the CCAA for over 2 years, I know what that means for most of them and the way their eyes beamed... oh it rips at my heart. 
Then the baby class walked in and I about lost it.. oh the cuteness. { And yes Penny, I got photos and VIDEO!! of your little man, who was actually much happier until the freaky blonde lady started making silly noises and flashing her camera at him.. He is too cute for words.}

Then Ty got to show us his room, he was so pleased.  in seeing his little bed it was made clear why he fell out of bed last night :)  
  Then our guide took us on a 2 hour tour of the city while she asked nearly 2 dozen people how to find his finding spot.  But find it she did!  I am so glad we found it,  but it sure was a kick in the gut to see.  My sweet boy.. I don't even like to think about the enormity of it all. 
I want to just live in the now and soak in his contagious smiles.  
So all in all a very good day, I will be happy someday to be able to give Ty as many answers as I possibly can about his start in this world... but I am really glad it is over.   Heartbroken, 7 hour car ride, 5 sick bags later and we are all cleaned up and hanging in the hotel room looking forward to a lazy day tomorrow...  Bless you all. Goodnight from China... Your comments are like a big hug :) Thanks


Mommy said...

Crying tears of joy for you this morning. I can't imagine what you experienced today but I pray he knows that YOU are FOREVER his Mommy and Daddy. tears. He is beautiful and I am praying tomorrow is a little less stressful. One year ago today I met my little one. So emotional today... LOL! Imagine that...

Jaclyn said...

Aaah Amy! Heart breaking but so glad you got to make the trip and find out all you could about Ty's life so far.

And poor little guy, so sick. Hoping his belly is better soon, but what a good opportunity for bonding and learning that you will always be there to help him.

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

we received our Hope in the same room you met your son. We also travelled to Wuxi and saw where she slept. How old is Ty? They look the same age--so I assume they were "brother" and "sister" at one time. Hope just turned 5 yesterday. I am crying knowing what a day that you had--it was the most hearbreaking day of our adoption journey too. Too many sweet, needy, faces. Rejoicing that there is one less face at Wuxi today. Many prayers and blessings coming your way....
and if you want to check out pics from our gotcha day and Hope's trip to the SWI--you can go to our blog--there is a link to it on the side.
many hugs!!
AMy Dinello

Heather Glawe said...

O Hon-
I am just so happy Ty has you. Your post made me cry. Lots of love to all of u from all of us!

chksngr said...

Amy, I'm sobbing at this post...its so full of joy. I'm blessed to have met you and I'm so so thankful to God that there are women like you in the world, with a heart that seems to beat solely for these little ones in need. LOVE the pics of K and Ty...they are obviously going to get along JUST FINE!

Sharing Life and Love said...

Did you get the sand/dirt? I'm sure you did...

I'm sure it is tough to see Ty sick, but it is probably so comforting to be able to be there for him---imagine how content he is (even if puking in a bag) to have his family around him.

And---he even looks cute sick!

Love all the pics---can't pick a favorite.

We had the same guide! She may remember us as the family with the two children plus Maia or Caihong (Tai-hong)---the 2 year old who screamed her head off EVERY time we got near the van---and the entire time we were in it. I'm sure she has fond memories of us.

Keep up the great pictures...and hope you find some manly shoes for Ty. :-)

Melissa said...

Crying as I type, I am so excited for you all and I wish that I could sweep up all those orphans. Gah! It breaks my heart to the core.
Ty is so adorable! I can't wait to see more photos!!!!!

Afamily4Him said...

Wow...what an emotional day! I am just in awe and wonder of how God has worked all things for GOOD for Ty and for your family. What an amazing little boy you have! You are one blessed Mama! Praising God for His goodness!

Shannon, Penny, Elias, Norah and soon to be Samuel..... said...

How on this earth can I ever thank you enough. I read your post and email several times until it really sunk in! Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for being a part of his journey and our story. Thank you again.... I still get chills thinking about it. xoxo

Angel said...

Sometimes God’s timing seems so slow. But God always knows best. Today I’m resting in the LOVE OF A FATHER who sometimes decides it’s in His little one’s interest to RACE ACROSS THE CLOUDS!


Amy, I saw this today and thought of you-So very happy that your sweet boy is attached to you-Praying the sickness eases and fun times can be had while you are there-
Can't wait to see more pictures!

Truly Blessed said...

Oh Amy, I was tearing up reading your post but those tears fell like mad when I saw that wonderful precious picture of Kobi giving Ty a piggy back ride -- that is seriously the BEST.PHOTO.EVER.

What an amazing day you had, I know that you probably had butterflies in your stomach before and during the SWI trip, and know that you're relieved that it's over and you can move on now. How wonderful for you and for Ty that you had such a long time to ask questions and receive answers to them. You are blessed, indeed!

Our family: said...

Precious! Precious! Your new son is absolutely precious! What a blessing! Congratulations! So happy for your sweet family!


Amy said...

you ladies are the best.. thank you for all your loving comments! Amy,, I didn't realize your daughter was from Wuxi, we will have to chat when I get back!

Erin, I will ask Jin about you, I'm sure she will remember, she is good, she worked some magic for us today! and yes I did get my silly baggie full of dirt :)

Love you all!

Aimee and Cary said...

Seeing all those little faces *broke* my heart.. I just sat here crying buckets.. I wish, I wish..... FAMILIES for all!!!
So sorry Ty's belly is having trouble... praying for all of you.. BLESSINGS!!!!

Elizabeth said...


Sharing Life and Love said...

OK...had to right again...after seeing those faces. Give me strength. They are all so gorgeous! Please tell me they are matched and just waiting for their families to come.

And your baggie of dirt is not silly.

Mollie B said...

Oh AMy I read and cry and laugh and smile. What a blessing for you all. HE is totally precious.

Jen said...

Wow what an amazing day, to be able to see a glimpse of what his life has been for the last few years. My heart aches for all of those kids that are still waiting....

Megan said...

so happy for your family. i love watching how God forms families. He is kind of awesome like that. I was having a challenging mom day on Monday and I thought of you in China and it gave me new focus.
Much love!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amy~ Praying that Ty is feeling much better. Such an emotional, day, but one you will cherish the rest of your life!
Ty is so adorable:-)
When I saw the pictures of the other kids from his orphanage it broke my heart! Their little faces.....
Praying for you guys~

Anonymous said...

He is just so precious! Congratulations!! Sorry to hear that today was a difficult day on the little guy but those will be cute memories late in life! You write the most amazing words and phrase them all so wonderfully. Glad to hear that you get a day of down time tomorrow as it sounds as though all of you could use a little rest. Thanks for the amazing pictures that say so much! Take care and now that we are thinking of you so often!!
The Hennegans

Amy D. said...

Ok--I'm back again--saw the pics that you posted from Wuxi--cryin' again--wondering how many of those precious one's were there when I visited--
The one little girl with the bangs--unreal! Can you please go scoop her--and about a dozen others up for me!! Oh my heart! Hope slept in the same little bed too--
Yes--we must chat when you get back--and maybe have a visit with our Wuxi cuties!!
Many prayers for the upcoming days-
hug and squeeze that gorgeous boy of yours!!
Amy D.

Cara said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Ty is just adorable and I can tell he will fit into your family very well.

Sarabeth Hudson said...

That little boy, sitting at the table with all the boys doing crafts....with the orange shirt and looking right at the camera....I want him :)

groovy mama said...

Love the pics...The little girl with pigtails is so stinkin cute, i hope she has a family...hugs to you guys, enjoy China, it goes by so fast!

Flamingo Mama said...

I'm a fellow Wuxi mommy. My daughter came home in April 09 at 3 years old. I totally did not expect to tear up seeing these photos!! It is one of the 1st times I have seen photos from Wuxi outside of our trip. I can't believe that is where she lived. She is so full of life now and has changed so much. Congratulations on your son!