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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day one in Guangzhou

We are having a good day here in Guangzhou, even if it is hotter than Hades..holy smokes! 
I just love this little crooked smile :)
 Ty had his medical exam this morning and he took it like a champ, he didn't even flinch when he was getting a shot, he just kept with his game face.  We have yet to see anything close to tears. Even when he fell once on some stone steps and hurt his knees pretty good, he just kept stoic and raised his arms to be picked up.  

  He gets so thrilled with simple things.  I gave him a banana while we were walking through the breakfast line and he was jumping up and down with excitement... so sweet and so heartbreaking at the same time.  We had been thinking that we would put him in Kindergarten a few months after returning home... if he was ready of course, but I highly doubt that will happen this year.  He seems much younger than the typical kindergarten kiddo.   We took him to a playground this morning and he had fun but you could tell that he was unfamiliar with most of the equipment, as most of it made him very nervous.  He is very careful!    

Ok... thought this would be fun... a little "What would you do- China style?" type quiz from two funny scenarios that happened to me yesterday..

#1.  You are on a flight with your new son.  Thankfully he falls asleep on your lap 20 minutes after take off.  An hour later, he stirs awake and in his slumber he stretches his legs.  His little feet cross the invisible boundary of the man sitting next to him, invading his space.  Said man then swats at your sons little feet.  Then your son falls back asleep, 30 minutes pass and same scenario happens again... boy stretches, man swats.... WHAT DO YOU DO????For the first scenario,,, let me just say y'all are nicer than I am.  Maybe on my own turf I have a bit more patience but after a long week my mama bear side comes out a bit easier.  The first time I let the leg swat slide, maybe more out of complete shock than anything else.  The second time... I followed the old saying...."when in Rome" ... The second time he swatted at his leg I grabbed his wrist and moved it off and then wagged my finger at him like any good Chinese mama would do :)  .  I did make sure he kept his feet to himself after that.  If need be I would have switched seats so I could have sat next to pushy man.

#2..  (please stop reading if you are offended by potty-talk)  You are hot tired and homesick at a late dinner with your family.  Your new son finally figures a way to tell you that he has to go to the bathroom. You can tell it is urgent.  You jump up, and run to find the closest restroom.  After walking 2 blocks (the restaurant does not have a bathroom) you find one.  Your son is obviously doing a serious potty dance.  You realize that your only choice is the dreaded squatty potty (see photo above).  You get him situated and then you find yourself squatting as you hold him over the squatty.  Just as he starts having the serious runs you realize...... there is no toilet paper anywhere to be found in the bathroom!!!  So hot, stinky, sweaty, messy, gross, and squatting......WHAT DO YOU DO???  Ahh,, for this one, most of you had my same thought process.  In my hurry to get to the restroom I forgot my backpack that is loaded down with anything you would need for most any scenario..  So it was just me, my boy, and the mess...  I tried to think of the one piece of clothing that we would miss the least and it came down to one of his socks.    You gotta do whatcha gotta do :)  So nasty
I will finish my half the story tomorrow,, but I just had to see how y'all would handle it :)


Our family: said...

Aaaahhh. Loved those squatty pottys. I especially loved the fact that you have to provide your own tp.
Let's see... did you spray him clean with maybe a water bottle? Sounds like a fun memory...he he.

Hebnix said...

Ah.... You are too funny.

For number 1 I think that I'd just let it go... maybe start forcing my elbow a little over the line and wait for him to attempt to swat at me... But realistically, they still have the mindset there that they can discipline other folks children.

For number 2 (kinda funny that it's #2) I think I would at that point start yelling for Kobi and Marc if that is an option, if it was not, I guess he'd be going "comando" for a little while after I used his underroo's as TP..... Either way, that is simply hilarious....

Mommy said...

I TOLD YOU it is SMOKIN' HOT in September. I thought we would die with the humidity from the typhoon coupled with the heat. Ugh!

#1: I would probably just try to let it go and keep his feet as far away from said man as possible.

#2: Was Marc with you? Did you have anything in your purse? If not, I would probably use something I had on me... shirt, sock, maybe ever his underwear. Do the best you can and leave that piece of clothing (now turned TP) behind (no pun intended). ;-)

Too funny my friend!

Brandee said...

I have loved following your journey!!!! Your kids are so adorable!!!

withgratefulhearts said...

Oh, my goodness. You should read my story called "Peeing in the Pagoda"!! I posted it from China one day. Our guide absolutely forced me to let Faith pee on the floor in a public tourist site. It was terrible!!! My husband and boys made a beeline away to pretend they didn't know us as Faith was screaming. The guide was yelling at me and I was, dripping with sweat, frantically trying to hold the pullup on Faith behind while the guide ripped it off!!!! Great fun. Great fun.

Afamily4Him said...

Oh wow you have had some fun times! The first situations would have made my blood boil but I am non confrontational person so I probably would have just apologized and then tried to keep it from happening again...however after swat # 2 I might have been ticked off enough to either say something or maybe even let him do it again just to irk the guy. I know...not nice but WTH? Who swats a child they dont even know??

#2 The first thing I thought of was to take off mine of his socks and use them as TP. Leaving them in that little trash can.

I love the memories you are capturing!Your pictures are beautiful!!!

Duchess of Lanier said...

Glad the medical is over and hope your room air conditioner is fabulously cold!
I'd be tempted to get in a slap fight with said seat neighbor ... in my mind only =)
Undies as TP: yes!
Your photos are capturing your happiness, and enjoy the countdown to coming home, home, home!

Anonymous said...

muah muah muah muah!!!!! xxoo
love beth

Jason said...

oh my gosh, amy!!! i would have freaked out with the second incident! maybe, having had more experience than me at motherhood, you took it in greater stride, but i would have been beside myself! i can't wait to hear how you handled both of these situations! i always enjoy your laid back take on things (a nice contrast to my hyper vigilance that i admire!. need to work on the calm approach a little here!) :) can't wait to hear what you did - i will take notes!! :)
erika pf---- (via my husband's acct again):)

Myra said...

Amy I love visiting your blog, I just love the REAL stories, no overly fuzzyfuzzy hear! I really hope Marc is better VERY soon...I remember the heat of Guangzhou from last August, my condolenses!!! Enjoy! Wish I was there with you!

Sharing Life and Love said...

Both scenarios should have been video taped. You could have pieced together a very interesting short film, you know.

Melissa said...

Ummmm, I don't know how I would have handled someone swatting my child. I think you were way more kind than I would have been. What gives anyone the right to lay a hand on your child? Ridiculous. Different culture, maybe. I'm trying not to seethe on that one.

We have used socks before. You gotta do what you gotta do. Way to be resourceful.