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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lazy day

We have had a great day so far.  We visited a beautiful garden area but mostly just hung around in our room (which is very unlike us) and did some shopping.  
 So the thing I worried most about before we adopted Ty was that he wouldn't really like us or that he would run off when we are in busy places, which is so funny now seeing how he is the one who always makes sure he is holding our hand.  He also realized today that he loves to be carried... a lot.  We oblige him for now, as he weighs next to nothing.. and it is so cute that he just wraps his little arms around me even when I have him on my hip.  When I look at him he can't help but smile ear to ear and usually gives me a big 'ol smootch.  Such a little love baby.   

He is very busy and you can tell he has never sat in a restaurant or really been told no.  He thinks it is so funny to be naughty.... that we will have to work on.  Most of the time he is very good.  We are trying to figure out how to handle the "food issue" stuff.  He eats very fast, he wants to eat a lot but we think that is why he got so sick the first day.  He is super tiny,  just a bit bigger than our Mina,,, who we always thought was teeny.  So our gut reaction is to let him eat.  This morning at breakfast he put down a ton of food in minutes flat, before Marc had even sat down.... we had to take him out of the restaurant right away because we thought he would end up getting sick if he ate any more.. so needles to say, mealtime is NOT relaxing. So for any Mama's out there who have dealt with this... the question is, To feed or not to feed?  Do I let him eat until he gets sick, or do I stop him at normal portions, which are still probably twice what he is used to?  Would love some advice.
 We also finally got Ty some new kicks!  Which was much harder than one might imagine around here.  He thinks they are pretty cool and was just beaming when he put them on.  Don't you just love N-K-I-E's ... too funny.

I am so happy that Kobi is loving China as much as we do, she is even liking some of the food,, but  mostly the shopping :)  so many little trinkets, so little time :)

He's napping now (yes, he still naps!) so I figured I would post..last night took way too long and I felt guilty for being on the computer when he was about to go to bed.  We hope to do a river cruise tonight.. should be fun!  
Peace Out- from China!!


Hebnix said...

So happy for you guys. As for the food issue... we had that with Shelby for a little while, and still peeks out occasionally if she gets too hungry.

From what I have found, it's best to keep snacks around and let them know that they can have them at appropriate times. We have found that we give her a mederate amount of food, and if she is still hungry she can have a little more, after that she can choose a piece of fruit or candy etc. to have as her's. But tell her she has to save it for later. At first she would want to eat it right away, then it turned to just carrying it around, and now she can happily let it on the table, or somewhere that she knows I will let it there for her.
It was more the fear of when she might get more.
You may be able to get Kobi to help you with saving some food and carrying it in a baggie for later, to show him (since communicating that may be difficult right now).
So interested to hear about anything more that you were able to learn from the nanny's and the extra paperwork.
Relax and have fun, We are enjoying all the stories and photo's!
Cannot wait until we can go back to China ourselves!

Truly Blessed said...

Love your happy family!!!

Oh feeding issues. Like sleep issues, it's difficult.

I guess my $.02 (it's probably worth less though) is to let him eat as much as he can hold, only make him do it at a much slower pace (assuming you can). And always have a supply of snacks handy that he knows about -- maybe let him carry some in his backpack and keep the supply full -- if he's in knows that he has food within reach and can eat it (or even just touch it) it might make him less anxious at mealtime and may allow him to enjoy the food he has instead of scarfing it down.

Sarabeth Hudson said...

Lovin' the N-K-I-E shoes! Hilarious! There is a woman whom I blog-stalk that has adopted children who were very small for their ages and they ate whatever they could get their hands on at first. It was just an entirely different world with all the food available at all times. She may have some insight for you if you need it. I can give you her contact info (or you may already have it...we'll talk!).

Melissa said...

I have no experience in how to feed an underfed orphan, but I would give him small portions and if he wants more, give him more. I probably sound like a know-it-all by even saying that. I really have no clue....I'm just so happy that you wont be in China for Thanksgiving. I'm hoping we will have a chance to see you when we r in NC in November!!! Praying for you all!

Mommy said...

OH bless him! Jonathan had feeding issues for a long time and did feeding therapy for over a year when he was 2-3 yrs old... along with ST and PT. I would say could you give him smaller portions on one plate? Maybe make several trips to the bkfst buffet instead of one big plate? Make a game out of it. Spoon of food. Chew. Swallow. Drink. Spoon of food. Chew. Swallow. Drink.... Maybe that will slow him down so he doesn't get sick from too much at one time. I would have snacks available and ration them. If he knows food is available whenever he is hungry maybe that will help him.

Cheri said...

Our Eva, at age 1 when we adopted her, would eat until she threw it all up. We had to control the amount she ate. I tried keeping little snacks in her special place, but she'd eat them all immediately. There was no stopping her. I'd make sure I'd give her generous helpings of our meals. But, I did not let her over indulge. At age 5, she is seeing her limits, but will over eat if she's not watched. But, she also knows when her belly is full. I did give her snacks between meals, so she new she was always going to be fed. I believe hers was an emotional attachment to food. She got very anxious at mealtime. Now, she always peeks up on counters when I'm cooking and wants to know what is going on, but she is so much better.

Ty is such a cutie. You all look so happy together. Congratulations!

Pam said...

I've not ever had to deal with the eating issues, but I can say it was HARD eating out with Charlie in China. Mealtimes were the worst with him while we were in China, and most of the time dishes were broken, water dumped over and the like. I was VERY firm with him on this right from the beginning~ had to be, didn't want Kate and AC to start behaving in that manner. Since we've returned home he sits beautifully and patiently at the table.

Gotta love those NKIE shoes!

Jennifer Barbee said...

Oh Amy - so glad that Ty is loving you already. What a super sweet boy! Don't know how your heart survived that orphanage visit....
Sending prayers your way everyday and hoping that you figure out a solution to the food issue. Don't have any advice on that one.

Kim said...


I just want to eat him up he is so adorable. I love the funny!

We had a lot the same eating issues with Viv, I would offer snacks through out the day and then at mealtimes I would let him eat as much as he wants....especially while you are in China. He will soon come to realize that there will always be enough food for him.

I'm enjoying your journey....wish I was there with you!


chksngr said...

Those shoes are awesome! I'm in no way equipped to give advice about food issues. I will say that here, again, is a way in which I'm learning from you sharing your experience. What do you do you? Its something I've never ever thought about. It makes me feel really blessed, tho...that I've never worried about food nor have my children. Thanks for reminding me how priviledged my family is. and thanks for your openness...this has been so amazing for my heart to read and watch. Your journey is incredible!

Sharing Life and Love said...

Love the NKIE. They look good :-)

I wish I had some advice on the eating issue. Maybe have Jin explain to him that he will have all the food he wants but he has to slow down or he will get sick again.

He'll probably figure that out all by himself. But if he is reassured-that there will be more food when he needs it-he'll relax.

Looks like you need one of those hip packs that toddlers can hang out easily on your blesse you are to have such a loving boy.

Are you staying at the Victory again?

Just love reading your blog each day. Such emotions: seeing you all in China again(especially in Nanjing) then seeing the spark in Kobe's eyes---it's good stuff.

Tonya said...

I am SO happy that you have Ty now! The pictures and stories are wonderful and I cannot wait to experience it myself! God be with you all on the rest of your journey. Can't wait to talk to you when you get back! Love, Tonya

Afamily4Him said...

HI Amy,

I am just loving following along! Ty's kicks are awesome, lovin the NKIE's!

Oviously I have not BTDT yet but when we went to MN and heard Dr. Karen Purvis speak she said a lot of the things that TRULY BLESSED wrote. She suggested healthy snacks like granola bars or fruit etc. But I remember her stressing the importance of letting them eat when they want to.

Here is a couple e-mail addresses of of Dr. Karen Purvis and some staff members, maybe you could get a hold of one of them? Karen Purvis David Cross Shanna Mittie

I think you are doing a great job! Sounds like you avoided potential overload at breakfast. Guess leisurely dinning might be out of the question for the time being but it sounds like you are doing a great job Mama!

Alisa Coriell

Elizabeth said...

keep these posts coming...we're checking constantly! still praying for you all (and especially Senor Hungry : )

Our family: said...

So glad that Ty is feeling better! I will be praying that God gives you the wisdom on how to handle the food thing. Ty is so adorable! How awesome that he has bonded so quickly with you.
Also, oh, those sweet sweet little ones at the orphanage. I will be praying for them.

Gretchen said...

He is absolutely adorable! I don't know about the eating thing...we seem to have the opposite problem with Ashlyn.

Love the pictures. Miss China!

Truly Blessed said...

Meant to tell you that I love his new NKIE shoes! Don't be jealous, but we are the proud owners of a gen-u-ine PQLQ suitcase, purchased on Shamian Island!

Myra said...

Lovin' the updates! So glad everything is going so well! He's so stinkin cute!!!! Kobi looks like she's loving the trip!

4ever said...

I don't have experience on food - sorry. But I did want to say that I've followed your blog for a while - since Finn - and I just feel like Ty was meant to be in your family. From the day you first posted his picture to the recent pictures you've posted together - it just seems to be the most perfect fit. (Just my humble opinion as a complete stranger for what its worth :) And Congratulations!! He is one handsome boy. Wishing you a wonderful remainder of your trip.


Laura Lee said...

I'm totally caught up in reading your blog. Amazing where google brings us. (I googled Dossier to China to find a good photo.) We are DTC for our little five year old boy in Beijing.

I have read with interest how well your little guy took to you. Like you, my greatest fear is that our little boy won't like us, or that he will run off in public places. So funny that you mentioned those two things in this post.

We've adopted three times before, but all girls. All took to us really well and have adjusted beautifully.

I'll be glued to your blog all day, I imagine, as I go back and read all your stories. Thanks for your willingness to share.

in Aiken, SC

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