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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mommy Tricks

This is one of my favorite Mommy Tricks.  Our daughter, Kobi, loves those pottery painting places where you can paint a piece of useless clay for an obscene dollar amount.  I painted up this plate with her 2 years ago, never thought it would get the use that it has, it was worth every penny.... THE SPECIAL DAY PLATE - If it is on the table they all get excited.  Everyone gets it for their birthday, Jack got it the other day because of his preschool graduation.  They also get it for doing great on their soccer team, first day of school, compliments from teachers, even just being particularly helpful. Who would have thought a silly red plate would be such a great motivator.    Would love to hear your Mommy tricks, the easier the better!  


chksngr said...

FAB-U-LOUS! I LOVE this trick! I have two secret weapons - one is a set of treat keepers that have happy face lids. I got them for $1 each and if ever I need to get Jay to eat something, I put it in a happy face bowl. Happy face bowls make grapes, raisins and cheerios VERY special. My second is a one dollar popsicle mold that makes four star shaped popsicles. I fill it with all manner of good-for-him things and popsicles can ALWAYS be allowed.

Sarabeth Hudson said...

I like your plate trick. I might even steal the idea :) I wouldn't call this a 'trick', but it is something we've started doing and it makes everyone feel special! Date night! Every so often I go out to dinner with just ONE of my children. We go to a sit down restaurant where they take our order so it isn't just a run in and run out kind of thing. It is a break for me (having just one kid around!), special time for whichever one I'm with, and then Joe is also home with less children so he can focus more on them and they always do something fun Mommy would never do - make a pillow mountain with EVERY pillow in the house or something of the sort. Now if I just had a special red plate.......maybe on one of those crazy hot days of summer we'll go do that!