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Friday, March 7, 2008

Logistics & Randomness

The Logositics of moving a family of 6 (and a dog) through the final phase of the interanational adoption process includes just to name a few of the details. 
  • 3 Homes
  • 6 Hotels
  • 1 Kennel (sorry Maggie)
  • 15 hours in a car
  • 3 hours on a train
  • 40 hours of airplane travel (with a Mama who hates flying)
  • 8 Cities
  • 2 Countries
  • 7 Suitcase (& yeah I am packing Light)
I will be taking the little ones to FL to hang with Mickey Mouse for a few days, so we can have some quality time. (Poor Papa has to work). Grandpa & Abui are going to pick the kiddos and the dog up in Orlando and take them to their house in South FL.  I will come back home for 1 day and then Marc, C, and I  leave for China!!!  
And for the Radomness:  This has been one of my favorite things to see over the past few months, since through this process you are always waiting for the next step, seeing my agency's # on the caller id is a good thing,  it means Progress!!!

How about this for a nice mommy moment.  I walked in the family room a few days ago and all 3 of the kids are hanging out watching TV. Big brother was spending time with his little sis & bro, watching Max & Ruby.  I love little moments like this!  


Mommy said...

WOW! That's a LOT of logistics! I feel for you on the airplane thing. That is a bummer for sure. Can't wait to hear all about your new few weeks.

-M from TN

Me said...

Hey, Jaclyn here from Forest Hill and SMPC! What an exciting journey! I can't wait to go through all your posts in a little bit and learn all about your story, I look forward to reading your updates as you travel to get your daughter.

See you in carpool line in about 5 minutes ;-)

Shelbi said...

Fellow CWA mom here:)

Love the blog and can't wait to see and hear all about your new little one!! Praying for your trip to be safe and full of peace.

Funny picture of the CWA #. For me that phone number always made my heart stop beating as two of those calls from that same number resulted in unplanned adoptions:)