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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Legally Mina!

I am having serious issues with my internet connection tonight.  I have all these great photos of today, but I am having a heck of a time posting them.  Here is one for now and I will just add another post with only photos as soon as we are back up and running.    Our Adoption of Mina is legal and final in the eyes of China!!!  We have to stay in this Changsha until her passport is issued on Friday.  There was a heap of paperwork to be done at the Civil Affairs office.  Mina was so funny..... honestly, there were several adoptive families there and she ran around to all the kids and was playing and laughing.  This one little boy,,, Mina would hold out her new favorite toy ( a baby einstein music thingy) to him and as soon as he would reach for it she would jump and scream, but with this impish little smile.  Of course she wanted his toy train and her toy.  It was very cute, she walked around like she owned the place,  she played with plastic cups while we filled out the paperwork with the officials, and even was charming her orphanage assistant director.  She is quite a character, and laughs really easily.  She is giving Marc a hard time today,  She only likes him when he takes her for walks outside.  She fell asleep on him twice in a carrier while he was walking the busy city streets.  She loves to be on the go!  Every time we go to a restaurant, the ladies surround our table and play with and feed Mina she is quite the hit,  we don't have the heart to tell them that we REALLY want to do it ourselves. We had about 6 ladies circling our table all through dinner last night. I will tell you we must be a sight to see.  When we are walking the street or when went to the shopping mall down the street, people take no issue with stopping and staring at us.  It is a little uncomfortable, we feel like a bit of a freak show.  People will stop, point, gather their friends and just stare...  Some seem very nice and they com up to us and talk to Mina,  she loves when the local people speak Chinese to her and she usually talks back a bit... Some is baby chatter, some are words, but it is sooo cute.    We have had the "clothing police" ladies, checking to make sure that we have Mina properly layered for 70 degree weather, which I was told by my guide is at least 3 layers.  One woman was very upset by the baby carrier Marc was wearing Mina in and wagged her finger at him and tried to pull on Mina a bit to situate her, she "clucked" her tongue at him and was not very happy.  It was so cute to see a bunch of school children walking down these crazy busy streets to get to their class,  They all said "hello" to us and when I took their photo this one little girl turned around and stuck out her tongue, What a cutie pie.  Too funny.   I also had to add some super cute photos that we took of Mina just looking out the hotel window to the garden down below.  She is such a beauty!!


Carmi said...

Well, I was not up at 2:00 AM, however,I did have to check before I left for work this morning. Can't wait to meet Mina sometime after you all get home. She sounds like she will keep you laughing. :-)

Mommy said...

No, I wasn't up either but it's the first thing I did when I cracked my eyes this morning. I am so glad she is adjusting well! I'll be out of town tonight so I won't get to check in again until late Wed PM. Praying for you.

M from TN

alisa said...

This blog is making me cry!
I am so happy and excited for you all. I can't wait to talk to you when you return.

Andy and Susan said...

love following your blog

chksngr said...

Amy, she is so stinkin' cute!!! I can't get over how precious her face is in all of these pictures!!! Cannot wait to meet this wonderful little girl!!! Hugs to you all! Praying for your safe return!!!


Me said...

Amy, she is precious! Congrats on your new daughter! I cried reading your blog, what a sweet story! Enjoy the rest of your stay in China! See you soon!

Truly Blessed said...

Oh, how beautiful she is -- how beautiful your family is!

Congratulations, Mama & Baba (and to big brother, too!).

Our turn is coming....(we pray it's soon!)

Mollie said...

I check your site everyday and am loving seeing you all together. I am so happy and thrilled for you and I can't wait to meet Mina face to face. She is adorable. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Mollie Berkeley

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations!!

Selina & Forrest Smith