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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Changsha day #3

Again having "blog" issues today's pictures are all posted out of order but this is how it went:
We went to this amazing Park,  it was filled with local people singing, playing music, dancing, doing exercises and Tia-chi.  Let me tell you this girl brings in a crowd.  Several people would stop to talk and play with her.  She danced and played with several older ladies at the park.  We fed the fish and walked around for quite a while,  we would have stayed all day, but our guide was trying to rush us a bit.  Then we went to the embroidery museum, which was actually much neater than it sounds.  The women that work there will spend 8 hours a day for over a year to make one really nice piece of embroidered artwork,  it was beautifully amazing and Mina's province is known for their outstanding embroidery skills.  I have been amazed that in China, it seems like being a craftsman or artist is a very honored profession.  Mina loves walking the busy streets and now waves and smiles at all the people,  which makes them laugh, wave and come and talk to her.  She has such an amazing spirit.  She keeps us cracking up.  Marc walked into a store, and she hollered out "Baba"  so cute.  She fell asleep, sitting between us on the way to the embroidery museum, and Marc carried her around sleeping for a good hour.  She has such a great time with the simplest things, and she is always busy.  She always wants to have something in her hands. She loves to smile and laugh & her face lights up every time we see a kid on the street.
She is definitely the spit-fire I had imagined from the first photo we saw. To steal a line from one of my girlfriends- I am so happy that I feel like my heart is just going to "pop".  I dream now of being with all of our kids, in our home.  That will be a great day!  China is great, but there is no place like home.  We are looking forward to being in Guanzhou,  it will be a nice change of pace.  Tomorrow we will visit Mina's orphanage & finding spot.  Although I feel blessed that we will have a little piece of her beginning, I am very saddened by it and not really looking forward to the reality of it all. We will of course post again tomorrow.  We just can't keep the cuteness to ourselves!


Anonymous said...

LOVE all the smiles..and the picture with big brother is absolutely priceless!!!!! Big hugs~ Bobbi

heavenfourme said...

Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to met Mina..hopefully in June. Don't forget to sleep,Amy! Love to you all!

chksngr said...

The picture of her and Collin is CLASSIC...she finds him funny! What a great big brother he is!!!

All of the scenery is amazing in your photos...make sure you take lots of pictures of the finding place and orphanage. They will be precious to her some day!

Praying for traveling mercies and the covering of Christ while you are all out of the country and finishing things up!

Hugs, F.

Anonymous said...

amazing:) you all look so happy - thanks for the posts - can not wait to hear more - - -have fun love, beth

Ray and Heather said...

Oh the park! My favorite place in Changsha! So glad you got to enjoy it and it's quite obvious Mina did too! She is such a cutie! Beautiful pictures!