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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Check out this Chinese magazine that Marc found our last day in Changsha!!!  Too cool,  it is a bit like Cosmo in the states, but it is named after our daughter!!! I don't know why I think this is so cool? 
We missed the day of posting yesterday, we had a super busy day and didn't get to the hotel in Guangzhou until 11:30... Mina was fast asleep, and we were I missed posting yesterday.  The last day in Changsa was bittersweet,  we were very excited to be coming to Guangzhou, but we were leaving the place where our daughter was born.  We visited a beautiful riverside park and spent the afternoon, before going to dinner and the airport, where again Mina was making tons of friends with the local people.  Most everyone was very nice to us, lots of people were asking questions and taking photos, especially of Mina.  She loves the attention, and goes up to several people and waves and shares her toys and snacks.  The local people get a real kick out of her and it really encourages her to ham it up even more.  It really hit me when we were taking off from the airport...  there was a huge red neon sign on top on the terminal that said "Changsha", as we were taking off for some reason, Mina was waving to the terminal,,, I lost it. My heart was breaking for her, her "story", and the possibilities of what her life may have been.  We are head over heels for our little "spicy girl" ( This is what they call girls from her province, and boy, she sure lives up to it, to call her a firecracker is an understatement). So how do you keep a 1 year old occupied on a plane, how about an ipod?  She started fussing right after take off until I gave her my head phones, this kid catches on really quick!  She is also quite the bed hog as you can see... the first few nights she slept great, but now she really seems to want to make sure I am close by so she has been sleeping with me halfway through the night.  Marc snapped this photo this morning.  Too cute.      We had a great first day in Guangzhou... It is sooo nice here. We really felt like we were in China while we were in Changsha, but here we feel like we are on vacation.  We are staying at the White Swan, which is very nice, and breakfast was great, check out Mina putting down the dumplings!!! Her fave ( along with Rice noodles) . We had a great time walking around the island, shopping (can anyone say "squeaky shoes"), going to Starbucks (Mina loved this because "C" fed her all the whipped cream off his frapaccino.  We did some touring of a temple, which actually made us feel a little uncomfortable and we all just wanted to go to church afterwards.  The day was so "tourist" event filled that the fact that we are still knee deep in this adoption process is a blur.  Mina had her physical exam today,  Which was not exactly high tech, but quick and painless.... Tomorrow we will just be touring and shopping and eating...  looking forward to it.  

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Anonymous said...

Mina's name is fancy already! already on the cover of a fashion mag..girl after my own heart!! Love the photos, cant wait to meet her in person!!! SO CUTE!! LOVE YOU!!!