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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Poor Baby

So we took Finn to the doctor today and they want to take her into "surgery" tomorrow.  She has had a red bump on her head since the day we met and it has gotten progressively worse every day.  The pediatric surgeon said that it is an infected boil or abscess and he wants to "put her under" to alleviate it.  So an easy fix but it will be a tough morning for her I am sure.  Other than that Finn is doing really well and seems to have not missed a beat fitting into our family.  We are still trying to make it through the day without feeling completely exhausted and jet-lagged, but it is getting much better.  
This is my fashionista...or not.  Don't most teenagers want to buy expensive clothing so they can "fit in".  Well this is how my teenage son walked in the door after school today.  Seems his English teacher had this crochet sweater and he begged her to borrow it for the day and she gave in to his need to stand out.. Oh don't encourage him. 


Kathleen said...

Sorry to hear Finn needs the surgery, but glad to read it's just a boil - keep us posted (no rest for the weary, huh?) And let Collin know I have a stash of those stylin' sweaters from my cheesy days - holding on to them for any costume parties where they may come in handy - he's welcome to make the appropriate fashion statements with them at any time! : )

Mommy said...

Praying for you guys this morning. What a welcome home, huh?

fullertribe said...

Amy and Marc,
Glad to hear that it can be dealt with quick and easy. My prayers are with you this morning as I know it won't be an easy wait.

chksngr said...

oh, poor Mama!!! I'd say poor baby, but I'd bet she will be's YOU I'll worry about!!! She is so super cute....oh, and NICE sweater!! hahahaha!!!

Bailey said...

Lots of {{{hugs}}} and prayers for both Finn and you. I know that any type of surgery can not only be difficult for the little ones, but also for moms & dads as well.
As for the sweater... I have to give it a thumbs up! Seriously, I teach 8th graders (yup, glutton for punishment), and all I ever see is kids trying to fit in some way or another. So, for anyone to walk around school in something that is woefully not in style, and be proud wearing it, gets a great big thumbs up from me Pretty confident kid. Pretty funny though.

monica said...

Finn will be fine! I'm so glad you quickly found out what's going on with her. It will probably take you longer to recover from jet lag and exhaustion. I have never been so tired as the weeks after coming home from China last year. Blessings and peace, Monica

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about you and Finn all morning. It's not fun seeing your baby go into surgery, but I'm sure all went well.
Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of and praying for sweet Finn. I am so glad to that you have answers to the bump. I know how that bothered you.

Isn't it great that you will be there to comfort her before and after?!

Your son is adorable =0)

Alisa said...

Sorry Finn has to go trough that. Poor baby. Good thing they are taking care of it though. Collin is hysterical by the way. I love that kid! You did good!