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Friday, May 22, 2009

Settling in and healing up

Finn is still healing up from her "boo boo head" it is pretty nasty, Marc made me promise I wouldn't blog photos of it, I wouldn't do that to you all, it is like a gaping head wound. It looks incredible painful- she's a trooper.  We are following her around more than usual in hopes that she doesn't fall or bump her head like most 1 1/2 year olds do.   She is still ridiculously adorable and seems to be adjusting and learning very quickly. 
Mina is having a really hard time, and still doesn't like the idea of being a big sister.  If she is near Finn, she is most likely giving her the "stink eye" and plotting to steal whatever toy or snack she is enjoying.   I would love to be posting cute baby girl duo photos but that is just not happening yet.. I know it will come. 
Slacker-Mom redo... Kobi's b-day fell during spring break, a few days before we left for China she asked me why I didn't bring cupcakes to her school to celebrate... I should have said "well, because your Mommy's brain is on complete overload and she is obsessing over things she should not bother obsessing over."  Instead, I promised to bring her cupcakes to school as soon as we got back from China... so today she got her obnoxiously floresent pink frosted Hello Kit*y cupcakes (albeit a month and a half after her actual b-day) and I won back a few of my Mommy points.  I don't deserve this child, I hope I can be more like her when I grow up. 


Mommy said...

Awwwww...hope she feels much better soon...Mina too :-) She'll get used to her soon...hang in there

rgshrs said...

praying for quick healing for Finn, and keeping Mina in our prayers as she adjusts to being a big sister. I have to admit, we have been having the same issues here with Julia now that Devyn has joined us. Each day seems to get a little better so hang in there! Loved seeing your Beijing pictures! The Hutong tour we took is one my favorite memories of Beijing.:)
God Bless!

Carmi said...

So glad to hear Finn's bump is getting better. I just want to pinch those sweet little cheeks. Eliana still has her moments when she does not want to be the big sister, however it does get better and you'll have those pics soon.

Elizabeth said...

btw - kobi got the ultimate comment...on saturday night my brother (unsolicited) told me 'that kobi is a good kid'...pretty impressive coming from uncle robert : ) and i couldn't agree more!

Truly Blessed said...

Glad Finn is doing well after the surgery.

Sorry that Mina is jealous - it's gotta be so hard for you. Still, things will get better with time.