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Friday, May 15, 2009

DELAYED in Beijing!!

After all the hoop-la getting to the airport with our obscene amount of carry on luggage... Flight delayed, 8 HOURS!!! So we are still here in Beijing, the airline put all us frustrated folks on a shuttle bus and brought us to a nice hotel out in the middle of nowhere. Which also means we get into the US too late to catch a connecting flight so we have to wait out the night in the airport until we can get our connecting flight to home. Please keep us weary travelers in your prayers. I don't much like flying as it is, when you add a fussy baby, delays and over 36 hours of travel time..sheesh, poor Marc. So I am hoping and praying that all else goes smoothly from here, we already checked our luggage so we only have a few diapers and formula for the rest of our travels.  Oh please oh please let us get home safe and sound and with no other delays!  See you all at home soon.  Hugs and kisses to my babies,  one more sleep guys!  

We did do the Hutong tour this morning and it was amazing. 
They drove us around in the rickshaws.The driver must have some huge leg muscles, and must have cringed when he saw us coming.  We also visited a local family where Finn made a friend.
This gentleman lived in this Hutong,  he was telling us about his life there, how he was born here and still lives here with his 92 year old father and his sister.  Finn was being quite fussy, go figure, and the man started to entertain her and hugged on her for the rest of our visit.  She made a fast friend.  She really liked him, she seems to be very comfortable with men, which is so different from Mina.  Mina is still quite sketchy with most men.  We can see that Finn is getting more comfortable with us and less comfortable with strangers (not evident by these photos), which is a good thing. 


Mommy said...

BOY--you are 2/2 for plane delays aren't you? Isn't this a rerun of last spring (just a different airport). UGH! I am praying everything goes smoothly from here.

Sarabeth Hudson said...

Keep us posted about your flights if you can! We are excited about your arrival :)

Adventures of Amelia said...

Ah, how sweet home will be... for so many reasons. Safe travels and all the best for airport entertainment and rest. Big Hugs!!

Alisa said...

Is your lay-over in Newark this time? We can come get you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way...a layover in Beijing surely beats a layover in Newark!(?) Can't wait to see the three of you back home! Keeping you in our prayers.

fullertribe said...

Amy and Marc,
We are praying for smooth "flying" from here on out. God is in control and delays come for a reason! Can't wait to see pictures of Mina, Finn and the rest of the kids together. Just a few more hours you can do it! Love You.

Elizabeth said...

praying for your travels...can't wait to see you all! Nice shirt, Marc : )

Anonymous said...

Ahh..stalking your blog to see family praying for your safe and quick return home. Someone else mentioned the reasoning behind the delays...there is will work itself out. Enjoy these last moments, then your beautiful reality will happen; all in the right time.

Thinking and Praying for you all,