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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Half way home..

Where did all these bumps come from?  The day we met Finn we questioned her caretakers about a few red welts on the back of her head.  We were told it was "heat rash"  We didn't believe that answer, but we were still very curious about where they came from.... Now we know.  When she is frustrated or doesn't get her way, she throws her self backwards into a full out "alligator death roll".   We had about 50 of these tantrums yesterday, and maybe only 2 or 3 today.. so a good day!  Hopefully we are done with these.  The dreaded Adoption Medical appointment.  Only made much better by the arrival of our friends.  We all have waited for a very long time to get our girls, we have grown very close during the wait and it is great to finally meet each other.  Looking so forward to spending the rest of the week together.  
Finn is very upset and definitely doesn't like people in white coats,  we really want to know how you read the eye chart in the background.  
The calm before the storm. 
Enjoying the scenery of the Pearl River.   Tomorrow we have a busy day of sightseeing! 
 We miss our kids like CRAZY, we love China but we are ready to be home with the whole family.  We love you babies! 


The Tucker Troops said...

Congratulations!!! Sweet little Finn is adorable. I've been following along and it's so neat to see you linked up with friends. Enjoy your time in Guangzhou.


Alisa said...

I think it is up, down,left,right. I love how calm you are in the pic where she is grabbing your hair. Way to keep your head together. I am sure that tomorrow will only be 1 or 2 tantrums. Keep posting those pics. I love following your journey. Oh yeah, we are going to be in Chralotte for a little bit on Friday, May 22 before we leave for the beach. I would love to drop in and meet Finn, and I know Riley is dying to see Kobi and Jack. We'll talk when you get back.

Mommy said...

YAY! You are half way there friend! You'll be home soon and your family will be complete! Be sure to send Dongguan kisses over to our Mei Mei.


monica said...

Finn is too precious for words. I bet you do miss your family like crazy. A dear friend reminded me when we were in Guangzhou and ready for home--enjoy this time now, it will pass so quickly. Of course, we didn't have kids waiting for us...Love, Monica

Duchess of Lanier said...

So glad you are done with the medical. The rest of the week is a breeze. Happy shopping!!!

kathleen said...

Did you figure out the eye chart? It is for young children - they are to duplicate the hand position with their hand starting at the big hand and working down...

Finn is adorable, I've loved following your journey.