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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy day

We met the most amazing woman today, after breakfast we were walking through the park on Shaiman Island, watching the locals do ti chi and play badminton. The woman approached us and we started talking. She is grew up in Guangzhou, but actually lives in New York and Hong Kong. She was telling us about the history and traditions of China and then she asked if we wanted her to show us the way the locals live and eat. She was so excited to show us her city. We walked with her for about 2 hours as she showed us neighborhoods and markets, she explained how and why everyone lived where they did. Her ancestors had a silk factory right over the bridge from Shaiman Island. She introduced us to her neighbors and showed us the BUSY market where the locals shop for meat (or live animals), vegetables, and herbs everyday since most people don't have refrigerators. Here is a little bit of our spontaneously wonderful, priceless tour..
This woman is skinning (live) frogs for order, yummy!
Our new friend knows this woman, she washes her dishes and her vegetables in the water that runs down the alley.  She does not have running water in her home. 
Showing us the difference between the homes, and the significance of the doors and the incense that is burned. 
It doesn't get fresher than this.  

The man in the yellow shirt is from Tibet.  He was trying to sell all the locals exotic herbs to heal all that ails them.  A current day "medicine man".  I didn't understand exactly what he was saying, but he sure was a story teller.  

"Our friend" knew this gentleman too.  He was very nice and posed for several pictures.  He sells pork to all the locals who buy their meat from him every day.  There is no need for him to refrigerate it because he knows exactly how much he will need every day.   

The rest of the day was pretty exciting too..

We scored huge points by introducing Watermelon to Finn..  

Making new friends. 

I thought it was so cute when she spotted the paper and pen and knew EXACTLY what to do,  her first masterpiece!
Had to take a trip to the herb and pet market too.  I think it is so crazy interesting.  Our guide was telling us how you go to the doctor here and the Dr. writes you a prescription on a little white tablet of what herbs to buy and to put into your soup to cure you illness.  
But the dried lizards, those are just to put into your steamed rice.  Who's coming to dinner???
Does PETA have a toll free #, wonder if they have ever been down the several blocks of pet markets??? That's all folk's


Jennifer Barbee said...

What an amazing experience you had! Not just everybody gets their own personal tour of the "real" China. So glad you are having a great time!

monica said...

Incredible day. I am so thrilled to follow your journey. Finn looks very happy and adjusted. Little does she know the love waiting for her at home! Hugs, Monica

chksngr said...

WOW!!! What an amazing experience! I love these pictures! My favorite is the last one- I love so much hearing the different cultural things that you get to experience just out of the great kindness of the locals. They seem like such amazing people...I wish I could go to China.

Mommy said...

Sounds like an unforgettable day. I'm sure that tour was better than any tour guide you could have secured. Keep those updates coming.


Bailey said...

Oh my goodness... what an amazing day. There is such a wealth of information that you can learn from locals. You are so blessed to have had that experience, something that you will treasure forever. Finn looks so happy, congrats to you all!

Truly Blessed said...

What a wonderful day you had! I'm totally jealous that you had a "guide" take you into the real China.

I guess we'll just have to go back someday!

Finn is just too cute.

Duchess of Lanier said...

What a great day exploring! She looks happy as can be. So glad things are going great for you all!

Sarabeth Hudson said...

I hope by pet market, you really mean 'pet' market! Is it a myth or a truth that dogs are eaten in China? Anyways....looks like you are having an amazing time! Thanks for sharing <3

RudeDawg said...
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RudeDawg said...

This is awesome, thank you for sharing this experience with us. I will keep your family in our prayers. Enjoy your time over there and keep blogging. Much love from Geneva-Rudy & Therese

Andrea said...

Hi! I'm off the RQ boards, and live in your area too!

What a gift to have met your friend and spend time with her! Finn just looks as cute as can be and looks so well adjusted. I love follwing your blog. It's been so fun!

Jaclyn said...

Girl, I love reading your updates! I'm so happy things are going so well for you guys! What a neat day having a personal guide!

Can't wait to see you back home!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Finn is just too cute and so happy.

Be prepared, when we go out our little one usually screams...she is happy in our room, though. (Help!)

What an interesting day you had...can't wait to get there.

See you soon!

Hebnix said...

I just found your blog, and it's wonderful! You have a beautiful "spicy" girl. I very much enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading the stories of your days!
I will be checking back often!