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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beijing Baby!

So we made it to Beijing.  It is about 1:oo a.m. China time.  We were so thrilled that Finn slept most of the way of her first plane trip, slept through finding our luggage, slept through getting loaded up on the bus, slept through getting to our room, only to be awakened by the feel of a comfy pillow beneath her cute little head.  So needless to say it may be a long night.  We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow... We visit the Great Wall and the Summer Palace.  Should be an exciting day, praying for nice weather and a cooperative baby.  Hopefully we can get some sleep tonight. The Beautiful Guangzhou Airport.  The Beijing airport is really schmancy too.. don't know why I am so fascinated, may be lack of sleep. 
Finn's first airplane ride (first of many over the next few days as we make our way home) 
Wide awake and ready to go 1:00am in Beijing... Lord help me, my eyelids are heavy. 


Truly Blessed said...

So glad you made it safely to Beijing. Praying you will all get some sleep tonight!

Mommy said...

YAY! Glad you made it safely. Take lots of pics. Send me a pic of Finn on the GW. Maybe I can do a little Photoshopping for little Miss Mina. :-) Have fuN!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

You both look so fresh and pretty! How do you do it in the midst of all that travel and chaos of adoption trip ;)