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Saturday, April 12, 2008

We're Home.

Ok, I know, I know.... all the sudden I am slacking on the posting..  It as been a really hectically wonderful week as you can imagine.  It was so great to have all my kids home together.  The moment I had dreamed of!  I followed that up with 2 full days of extreme illness... which was actually a bit ironic as I prayed every meal while in China that my weak stomach would not get sick.. Well day 2 of being home, I had a big fat burrito from one of my favorite places and got full on food poisoning..  I was out for the count!  but thankful the entire time that I was home in my own bed with my husband and in-laws around to take care of the kids..       We are also frantically working on the last minute details of the big golf tournament which is a kick-off fundraiser for the bloom project... check out the website at A few friends and I have been working our tails off on this for quite some time and now we are counting down the days to the big tournament.  If you wait a day or two, I put a short movie together about adoption and our China trip to show at the event... it should be on the site in a day or two...  We are really excited about this event, it is going to be great!  Here are some photos of the last few days....   I thought the ones with Papa in the kitchen were funny,,, the power of a simple orange in our house... you can draw a crowd... I think he went through half a Sam's Club size box of oranges and was surrounded by kids.  Poor guy just wanted a quick snack,,, not in this house... Check out how Mina just fits right in.  Yeah, were food people and so is she..


Mommy said...

Hooray for an update! Looks like things are going well. I can't believe you got food poisoning AFTER you got home. Keep those updates coming.

Anonymous said...

I love the family picture. You are right she fits right in. I'm so happy that your home and everything is going well.


Jennifer said...

She is adorable, I am so glad that all went well. I can't wait to meet her. I am so happy for you.Any plans of coming to michigan soon?

we miss you all
Jennifer Eisenberg (copas)

Truly Blessed said...

Love the B/W family picture. She looks so sweet snuggled under big brother's chin. I'm so happy you're all back together again and especially glad the sickness is over!

Kelly (FFTIA)