Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice when He could do something about it. But I'm afraid God might ask me the same question.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Typing through my Tears

We are soooo close.  So this was our day.... After about 24 hours in transit, including a 16 hour flight from HK, with a 15 month old child that decided to only take a few "cat naps",  We got off the plane YIPPPEEE, Got through Customs, YEHAWWW,,,, only to learn that our connecting flight had been canceled and we could not catch the next 2 of the night as they were booked.  So we are now living once again in a hotel  or make that a super sketch motel,  The airport HoJo's to be exact.  I lost it... I was a crying mess at the airport,  yeah, the ugly cry.  A girl can only hold it together so long.  And I am convinced that my sweet little girl believes we live in a strange variety of hotel rooms, where she can't touch or sit on anything.  We are totally out of clean clothes,  I had to search for our last outfits last night leaving HK,  so when we show up at home tomorrow we will be looking great,  dirty clothes. Maybe, at least that today's sleep deprivation helps with the major jet-lag.  So hopefully Mina will sleep through the night tonight since she has only napped in the last day and a half.  Yeah, she is almost as grouchy as me at this point.   


Mommy said...

Oh NOOOO! I am so sorry. Praying you find your bed and pillow by tomorrow night. Hugs from TN.


Anonymous said...

Keep you chin up. Your almost home. Just stay focused on that angel that God provided for you and know that everything will work out just fine. Things are always better tomorrow. Praying and thinking of you every day.


chksngr said...

Its one last time that the enemy can try to discourage you before you reach the end of this leg of the journey and he's working really hard at it...but you already have the Blessing God intended for you! He is powerless to stop the Love and Blessings for Mina and your family! HALLELUJIA! PRAISE GOD!


Anonymous said...

We will definately pray! Something very similar happened to us and we were stranded just one flight from our hometown. I'm not sure there is nothing much more frustrating than this after a long flight. We'll be praying that you are already on your way home and hope all goes well. So sorry this happened.

Greg, Jena, Anna

Truly Blessed said...

So sorry for you -- you're almost home!! In fact, by now you probably ARE home. Welcome home!!!

I loved following your journey to your beautiful girl. Can't wait to see pictures of your whole family together!!

The Eddings said...

Your days in hotel rooms will be just a blip on Mina's radar by the time she gets home to everyone and your daily routine. Jet lag and homesickness are sure to have you, though, noone is perfect, and noone has unlimited amounts of patience. I hope you are home safe and warm in your own bed soon.

Anonymous said...

welcome home:)!!!!!!