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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

school, candy & fun project

So he did it.. actually they both did.  Ty and Mina started preschool yesterday.  Ty for his first day and Mina her first day at a new school. ( I moved her to a school where they had an opening for both kiddos)  I was really worried about how he would handle it.  I know I never talked too much of it, but while we were in China Ty really tested us.  I was nervous that this was just his personality, so I didn't feel to great about talking about it too much.  I was still trying to figure it all out.  I will say that he rarely if ever has any issues with it anymore.  Seems he wanted to make sure that I was in control and now that he knows I have that covered he is more than happy to take a back seat to me being the leader.  So I was worried that he would test the preschool teacher...and he did.  Not sure to what degree as she seemed to be sugar coating things for me a bit.   

 I made sure I told her that he really needs to have clear concise, black and white rules and things should go smoothly in no time.  Hopefully he will allow her to set the rules without testing too much.  He does really want to be there and was so excited to see me when I picked him up ,and show off his artwork.  The true test will be when I take him back tomorrow morning... will he go without any struggle???  Hopefully all goes well.

We did have a fun time celebrating Halloween this weekend.. I am severely lacking in my photos.. I can't seem to find the one of our entire family dressed up on our way to a party..  so much fun (thanks H family!)  and then we went trick or treating the next night.  

Ty must think we are nutso...His favorite word right now is pumpkin, I think he thinks we Americans have some strange fascination with pumpkins, because they are everywhere.  
Our little chickenhead

All the kids had the day off school today, and I found this fun little project on a super creative mom's blog HERE, she has all the instructions posted so you can check it out over there -if you want in on this fun activity.  

We went hiking in the woods behind our house to find the PERFECT..I mean ANY leaf that caught their eye.. And then "waxed" them and hung them like garland in our living room and our kitchen.  
 It was actually way easier than I thought it was going to be and we had a fun time..especially since I let them all stuff their pockets with halloween candy for our hike.  Great way to spend a few hours on a beautiful day with the kiddos. 


chksngr said...

I so want to be you when I grow up...Hey I saw this and thought of you and your art projects:

Maybe you can do this one!

Sarabeth Hudson said...

How did you hang those leaves? I'm staring holes in my computer screen trying to see how you did that!

Amy said...

i hung them with a needle in thread through the stems and since they are so light i just used a straight pin in my woodwork...easy peasy lemon squeezy :)
F.. I will check out that link, thanks :)

Anonymous said...


sierrasmom said...

Your family is beautiful and I am going to do leaf waxing with my daughter when she comes home today!! Can't wait!!!
Kathie in NY

Melissa said...

I don't like to be covetous, since it's in the bible to not to be....and all....but your living room is like something out of a magazine. I want it. Seriously.

I'm so glad Ty is in school. He will adjust. I hope and pray it continues to go well!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love that project--I'm gonna try it with my kids! I also love that room-I dream of doing a house in greasy and whites--but how on earth do those couches stay so clean?? Please give me a tip b/c my crew would have peanut butter handprints on them in no time! :-)

Also--would u email me? I have an adoption question I would love to ask you!

Lastly--my Wuxi girl Hope was the same way when she first got home...she still likes to control things-but is much better!

My email is

Thanks Amy!
Amy d.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! I meant GREYS and whites! This darn I-pad!

Amy D.

sierrasmom said...

Hi.. I did the leaf project with my much fun!! Check it out