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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Settling in

holy heck,,, my life feels like a whirlwind these days.  Ty is really doing wonderful, he is so sweet and it just seems like he has been around here forever. 

 Having a 5 1/2 year old that is just learning to communicate with the rest of us does add a whole new layer to the chaos around here though. 

  He has been begging to go to school every time we drop Mina off at preschool.  We have decided to put him into preschool instead of starting him in Kindergarten right away and I am hopeful we made the right decision. 

 He actually starts this Monday and I had to switch Mina's school as well so they could go to the same school on the same days... mama needs to keep it as simple as possible these days.  So prayers for an easy transition would be much appreciated.

   Finn and I have a date with our jammies, the couch, Dora, and some picture books on Monday morning after we drop our little busy bodies off at preschool :) 

I thought this was so funny..  Last year I posted HERE about some matching shirts I bought for the girls on clearance at Target...something I rarely do... When we pulled down our Fall decorations,  I found that I must of picked up another one and didn't even realize it.. How funny that I just happened to buy an extra 5T shirt, and I would have thought you were nuts if you told me we would ever adopt again.  Isn't that just how things go... somewhere I must have known...  Just made me smile when I unpacked it... so now we have our matching trio :)  

 And right after I say I never buy matchy matchy shirts for the girls....  I give you another Target clearance find that I just couldn't pass up... 
 Thanks for the tip Jaclyn...  these panda bear shirts are super cute:)

Now I need some mommy reassurance... is this normal because it is driving me absolutely bananas.  Ty and Mina have this obsessive need to carry as many toys/ things as possible.    I mean seriously an umbrella, a bouncy ball, a bear, a baggie full of baby wipes and a calculator.... this is a light load too.

Here's Mina with her hands full at the same time..  this is just how they walk around the house, they don't even have any plans to actually play with these things.. they will find something better and they may switch it out for something already in hand or find some way to add it to their load. 
Why is this making me nuts? Is it normal?  suggestions, comments?  i have been trying my hand at making them drop the majority of their junk into the toy box before leaving the house... cause really, i just can't keep track of all the STUFF.


Shannon, Penny, Elias, Norah and soon to be Samuel..... said...

As far as the carrying things... Norah has been home 2 1/2 years. Just in the last 6 months she has started "hoarding" things. She has a basket in her room that has dress up/princess clothes in it. While she was away this morning I decided I would tackle her room. O.M.Gosh. I looked in this basket and found:
2 brand new shirt with the tags still on them (target clearance finds!! :)
4 new BRAND new pair of NiHao panties

And a few other things. When she gets new things, she obviously puts them in this basket as well as a stash of food. We ended up having a talk about this when she got home, but kept saying, "I need that just intase (incase)." Incase WHAT?!?!?
So yes, my friend, I'm feeling your pain over here...

Cheri said...

Sounds like you are having a blast! And yes, the packrat syndrome is normal. At least it is in my house and with my girls. They've gotten better, but Eva still packs toys, stuffed animals, and even smaller backpacks into her backpack. She somehow attaches the umbrella, toy wooden knife, flashlight, on the outside of the pack, heads outside, sits the stuff down, plays (not with the stuff), picks it up, and heads back into the house. I finally learned to let it go. I had to. It bothered me way too much.

groovy mama said...

My 4year old does it....I have convinced him to only one we leave the house though, sometimes we have one and sometimes we have more riding along!

Selina said...

Love all of the pictures!!!

We have the same thing here. Keegan will even use his chin as a third hand so that he can carry more. If he has a bag or back pack he will pack it so full that he has to drag it behind him.

fullertribe said...

Gabe is 5 and he too does the same thing. He has to have "stuff" to play with at all times and his arms are full. My house looks like a toy box threw up in it at almost all times of the day. I have to agree with you that it drives me crazy too. Somedays I want to just pack off of his toys up and give them away!!!

Joy said...

I love the pic with the matching shirts. I think your Finn looks similar to my Taylor. I think that every time I read your blog. Check her out at

chksngr said...

So I'm going to sound all crazy and such...but I think you bought two shirts...I think God put the other one in there for you! He can do that stuff...and will...I don't know about the carrying things...Jayden likes to haul as much as possible, but he's happy to move from room to room empty handed if there are things out...its the taking EVERYTHING out that get me.

Bailey said...

Those matching shirts for all of your little ones, amazing and so cute. I love the idea that you and Mina got to spend some fun, quality time on the couch together. Very special. Looks like everyone is settling in nicely. Congrats!