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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordy Wednesday..

My great friend Jane and her kiddos came over yesterday to watch Mina and Finn (Thanks Jane, you are the bomb-diggity) so Collin and I could go do some shopping for his big move to China in 12 days :(
While we were in the checkout line reality started to creep in a bit, I just looked at Collin and said, "This is crazy". He replied, "I feel sick to my stomach". Reality makes us queasy, so we did a bit more shopping and skipped lunch.
I am going to fly to D.C. with him a few days before he leaves so I can spend time with my favorite history buff, and he can make me feel inferior by explaining everything to me. If anyone has any great D.C. tips or not to miss sights I would love to hear them. Things have been quite hectic around here the past few weeks so I have to get on the ball and get to planning our little adventure. We need to make sure we jam pack our days so we can ignore the reality of him being gone until mid summer.


monica said...

It sounds like a great adventure is in both of your futures. What an incredible opportunity to have while still in high school! And thankfully with modern technology, you'll be skyping and emailing every day.

Sarabeth Hudson said...

Here is a map of the Mall in DC (not shopping mall :) with all the museums, etc. You can fill several days here! I'd see which museums/buildings interest you and google them to make sure. Also, the metro can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go, so you may want to google dc metro map and get a copy of that before you go in order to do some planning. Hope you guys have tons of fun!!!

fullertribe said...

Just wanted to make sure that you know that Aunt Denise, Uncle Steve, and Uncle David are very close to DC. My grandparents are also still there visiting with them. Not sure if you are up to company on your trip but they could probably meet you. Uncle David and Uncle Steve are usually in DC alot. There is SO much to do there and the best part is most of it is free. The food is a killer on the pocket book. DC is our kids favorite vacation spot so far we have been there 4 times now! Call me if you need any numbers or would like some more information.

Kathleen said...

Hey lady - sent you an email from my uncle who had many a suggestion! Can't wait to hear what all you end up doing!