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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Punkin heads

We take our pumpkin carving pretty seriously around here,
I will admit that the only holiday traditions that I don't enjoy - carving pumpkins, and making gingerbread houses. The mess:fun ratio just doesn't pay off in my opinion, but maybe that's just because I have clean up duty? I am lucky enough to be able to take photos and not have to deal with smelly pumpkin guts.
Although I did have the pleasure of sifting through all of the guts to clean off the seeds, which I will roast up tomorrow. Collin would cry if he didn't get his pumpkin seeds.

We have a pretty focused crew, I think I am the only one that doesn't have the attention span to put 2 hours into carving a pumpkin.

Sorry Finn, you best get used to people doing this to your irresistible cheeks, I love how it doesn't even phase her.
Overall a successfully messy afternoon.


Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

I found your blog through another adoption blog and I just had to leave you a comment. You have such a beautiful family. We adopted a little girl from China as well. She has a minor heart condition. I love family fun days and it sure looks like your family had a blast carving pumpkins...and they came out great.
Many Blessings,

fullertribe said...

I think our kids were switched!! :) Carving pumpkins is one of my MOST favorite holiday things to do right behind coloring Easter Eggs! But my son HATES to clean out a pumpkin. I was informed that it's just YUCKY & GROSS...So this year he drew a face on his pumpkin and Mommy will have to carve hers all by herself. Oh well maybe next year.

Mommy said...

I'm with you on this one. Thankfully my oldest has major sensory issues (or not so thankfully most of the time) but this time it pays off for me. He would rather chop off his arm than stick it inside a pumpkin. Ha! We buy those stick it in the pumpkin decorations or Daddy carves and cleans up. That's just how we roll and it suits me JUST FINE. :-)

rgshrs said...

I'm with you. Without Daddy here this year I am putting off the pumpkin carving as long as I can, but I think we have to actually pick them up and do them tomorrow (tonight will be too busy with dance.. see how that works??;) I am not looking forward to it at all, but the Princess is and the Pixie will I am sure adore the mess.. pigpen that she is. The Princess is like me, she enjoys the end result but could do without the mess.

Yours came out great though! They all did a super job!

Mary Vaca said...

Your photographic capabilities have grown by leaps and bounds! Love all the excellent compositions :) Keep up the good work!

monica said...

I just love seeing pictures of your beautiful family. You are one blessed mama! Peace, Monica