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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boo-boo Princess.

Mina skinned her knee at the exact same time that I should have been pulling dinner off the grill, isn't that when all the boo-boo's happen? I think she was actually a little excited to get a real band-aid worthy boo-boo. She has a band-aid fetish, she always has imaginary boo-boo's.
No offense girl, but maybe it was your choice of shoes?
Oh, yeah, she will be talking about this for weeks!
Finn immediately climbed up on the table to kiss her boo-boo, Mina yelled at her and I burned dinner. A day in the life.


Sarabeth Hudson said...

I like what they are wearing!

Hebnix said...

Life is good!

Annie said...

Too funny, Lizzie LOVES band aids too!!!!

chksngr said...

I SO LOVE their littel outfits!!! And seriously, the plastic high-heeled mules are SO CUTE!!! Learning to walk in them...hmmmmmm..I see a fabulous future for her and shoes! I think that Jayden thinks of bandaids as jewelry..he wants as many kinds as possible on his body at all times...booboo or not! But I read the top 30 things every mom should do in Parents magazine - and one of them was dispense as many bandaids as they want! I thought...ok...seriously...for $2 I get SO MUCH happiness out of the spiderman bandaid!!! It just makes his day! Wish EVERYTHING were that!?!?!?! :-0

Angie said...

AAAHHH...a typical day in the life of a stay at home mommy :)
Isn't it wonderful?

Chelsea Gour said...

Amy, you asked where we were on our camping trip. I didn't know how to get in touch with you except through your blog. We went to Devil's Fork State Park in SC, which is on Lake Jocassee. Isn't it the most lovely lake! :) Looks like you have a pretty adorable family! Thanks for stopping by.