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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun morning

The little girls and I had a fun morning while Papa and the older kids were at the soccer fields. We drove into the city to meet our favorite children's book author/illustrator, Grace Lin. We LOVE her books. Her stories are sweet and fun and best of all they usually have themes of Chinese culture. So needless to say we love these books. The girls didn't really understand how cool it was to be meeting her, so of course I took some photos. Finn said, "What up, Ms. Lin" and gave her a fist bump. Not really, it was more of a grunt and then she put up her fist in approval... Way cute. I'm sure one day soon they will think it is neat that all their Grace Lin books are signed and she even drew cute little pictures in the books for them.


rgshrs said...

Very cool!

Amy said...

We love her books too!
Lucky you!!!!!!!!