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Thursday, December 24, 2009

I don't know of a better way to celebrate your 2nd birthday than early morning cupcakes on the beach.
It didn't take long before the seagulls tried to crash our party. See the wing to the left of the shot. Then they started doing dive bombs toward the mini-cupcakes and the kids started to scatter.
Except Collin, he decided to share the cupcakes.
Let me tell you, the people that set up their chairs around us were thrilled with the whole flock started coming in.

Marc and I grew up in South Florida so we never thought much of all the super touristy type stuff. But yesterday when we saw this bike that seats 8, we were all over it!
The girls LOVED their front row seats of the beautiful beach and fantastic people watching.

Yes we have become tourist in our own city, it all made us a little homesick.

Playing on the beach on Dec. 23 is a gift.
Finn is loving spending time with her Aunt Jenny.
Happy Birthday baby, we love you to bits and pieces.


Michelle said...

Happy birthday Finn, I hope you enjoyed the beach it looks like alot of fun... Love the bike..

Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Finley Joy! What a treasure you are to your family!

Sarabeth Hudson said...

Love that it looks like that bird is giant and is attacking Jackson!!! Made me laugh. Looks like you are having fun. Happy birthday to Finn <3

Bailey said...

Happy Birthday little one!!! What a wonderful way to celebrate a great day. I love the bicycle! How fun.

Anonymous said...

love love love the beach pics


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Happy Birthday, Finn...and Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


fullertribe said...

Happy Birthday Finn from your cousin's in Michigan.

Amy two of my best Christmas' were spent with you guys in Florida. It was always so much fun to be able to leave all of the snow and be able to spend the holidays at the beach.

Sharing Life and Love said...

Happy Birthday to all your December Babies! That bike for 8 would come in handy around here ;-)

Enjoy the sunshine!