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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I can't say for certain, but I am thoroughly convinced that every morning before they wake me up, Mina and Finn have a meeting and decide which one is going to be the trouble-maker for the day. They are NEVER on the same page. If one is happy the other is sad, if one is following rules the other is testing the limits. They like to keep me and pops on our toes.

Mina had her ballet recital yesterday and it was a hoot! I love how even though their ballet teacher is standing on the corner of the stage "doing the dance" none of the girls are doing the same thing at any point.

After the dance her teacher gave her a tootsie pop and we brought her some flowers, apparently the tootsie pop was the highlight of the event because we have talked about it at length today.
And the fact that she got to order a soda at lunch afterwards, this is big time. We were so proud that she actually went on stage and did her little dance... I was shocked. You know they do this just for the mommies. So stinkin' cute.


rgshrs said...

Oh I so know what you mean, I swear J and D draw straws or something to figure out whose turn it is to try to drive Mama over the edge today. At least they don't usually melt down at the same time, that's something right?? (Just agree, I need that little delusion. LOL)

Recital pictures are awesome! You're right, love how they aren't in the same place at all. Too cute! J's recital should be interesting in the spring. Can't wait. :)

chksngr said...

Many things are just for the mommies...Jay's Christmas program is this week...I'm so excited to see my big boy sing the Camel song...HA! The pictures look like they were having a GREAT time!!!