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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Babies

Will all the Mama's of late December babies please sympathize with me for a second.... My youngest 3 kiddos have Birthdays in the same week, the week before Christmas no less. It is really hard to make their birthdays extra special 2 days before Christmas. Jack & Kobi's school has a big rock out front. They let parents sign up to paint the rock on special days. So even though Jack's b-day isn't for 2 weeks we decided to make today his school birthday. Last night Mina had a fever so, Jack, Kobi, and I snuck out alone and painted the rock for his upcoming birthday.
He's got a "thing" for monster trucks, please don't tell him his Mama's artistic ability is ridiculously lacking, he saw the pathetic truck I painted and said,"Mom, that is awesome". Good 'nuff for me!
And today we went to his class and brought obnoxiously blue frosted cupcakes and made a huge mess for his sweet teacher.
There is something special about those December babies....I'm sure of it!


Michelle said...

How sweet!! I hope they all have the best birthday's. Have a great week..

Steve n Coco said...

Aw man! I thought I had it bad enough with ONE Jan 7th b-day to prepare for-- just when you think the celebrating of the holidays is done!! I feel for you! Three, I can't imagine...
Be blessed and happy birthday all!

Sarabeth Hudson said...

I think your truck looks great!

Gretchen said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!! Hope they have great days, even though they are close to Christmas.

Margaret said...

We can totally relate to your birthday dilemma. Our family also has 3 late December birthdays. Jenna, adopted from Hunan province in 2005, has a birthday on Dec. 23. She'll be 6. Her sister, Sarah, was adopted in June from Dongguan CWI in Guangdong province. She'll be 3 on Dec. 22. I also have a birthday on Dec. 22. We decided to celebrate with a bowling party for both girls and invite their friends. It gets really hectic trying to plan for birthdays and Christmas at the same time. The key is to start organizing early (although somehow I never start early enough :)
Have fun celebrating birthdays and Christmas!


rgshrs said...

Aww! that is hard, my brother has a Dec 20 bday I know how hard it was for my mom and for him:( Looks like you are off to a great start though! And I think your monster truck looks awesome too! Hey I could tell what it was and the important thing was so could Jack right?? LOL Way to go!

happy birthday to your sweet kids!!

chksngr said...

With Noah's arrival scheduled for 12/21, I'm right there with you girlie!! I'll be looking for something special too! I think those "Christmas babies" are an amazing way to remind us what Mary went through...what a wonderful reminder that Jesus came as a tiny baby to save the whole world!!! and he was 6 once and had a momma who loved him tremendously!!! HUGS to you and all your December babies!!!

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder how many layers of paint are on that Spirit Rock by now? I think I've used up at least fifteen cans of spray paint on that thing! Love the truck! Great job!