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Sunday, July 12, 2009


So I will admit that I like that Finn is not turning out to be a girly-girl. I myself am not a girly-girl either. But I do like all the little girly-girl clothes that have been gifted to my cuties, this little dress especially (Thanks Cheryl). For some reason when you put a dress like this on Finn it just doesn't fit her, but instead of buying her a whole new rocker-chic wardrobe we have decided to compromise .. pretty little dress and a "faux-hawk"and now for some strange reason, it seems to fit her, I have tried to capture her personality so you can see what I mean....
Trying in vain to pose without moving for 1 second. Playing with dinosaurs...
Doing my "rockstar" tongue, while making dinosaur noises.
Trying to figure out how this car works, while sitting like a little lady. Papa, will you play tug-o-war with this pretty purple sparkle bracelet?
Godzilla baby
These dimples make me jump out of bed in the morning. If she decides to take up all things girly and pink I will love her just the same.


Jaclyn said...

Aaaah, so adorable! She fits in so perfectly!

Thanks for that email this week by the way! I really enjoyed it and was just what I needed.

Mollie B said...

Cute as can be!!!!

Robin said...


Love those dimples!

Anonymous said...

Amy, I love how you allow all of your children to develop their own personalities in their own way, at their own pace. They are so lucky to have a Mommy like you! You are such an inspiration!
The "faux-hawk" fits Finnley perfectly! Love it!

Annie said...

She is so cute!! Rock star/Girly Girl would be very cool!!!


chksngr said...

The fauxhawk so totally makes the outfit! Now all she needs are some tiny doc martin's! HA! What a total cutie pie. Love how your kiddos all have those totally gorgeous full face grins in your pictures...they are definately loving life!