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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back from the beach.

We got back from the beach late last night, I was having a really hard time accessing the internet while we were there which was probably a good thing.. Here are some of my favorite photos from the past few days.
I had high hopes one evening, when I made the whole crew put on something other than their bathing suits and head down to the water for some photos... I screwed up, it was still too sunny so all of my photos turned out way to bright or we are all really squinting, I didn't have the heart or the nerves to call a redo... so I will have to make do.
I want my Mommy

We spent one evening flying kites...this photo CRACKS me up, Finn was trying so hard but there was no kite attached to this string... She was just looking up in the sky at other kites and so proud of herself... I love babies
Marc managing the troops,,, we need another set of eyes on this group... they are all crazy brave when it comes to the water which made our beach trip a little less relaxing this year...But the kids had a blast and are already asking when we are going back.


Hebnix said...

Love the idea of the kite with no string.... too funny! Looks like a wonderful time!

Sharing Life and Love said...

Everyone looks great---and even though you were managing of the troops you all look like you had a blast!

chksngr said...

Love these becuase they are REAL pictures...not so much posing...just a family having fun. I so adore those real moments of togetherness, capturing every day!!! WHEW,tho...FIVE brave kids at the beach! You all are super parents!