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Friday, October 1, 2010

We are back among the living!!

 Yesterday was the first day I felt human past noon :) What a great feeling. Ty is doing so much better than I ever thought imaginable. He is such a ray of sunshine, the most loving little boy I have ever known. The kids are all really doing great together. Adopting out of birth order really worked well for all of them.. Finn remains the baby of our family and she really fits that role,I fear that she loves it a bit too much :) Mina loves playing "up" so I don't think she is nearly as threatened by the addition of another child as she was when we brought Finn home. Kobi and Jack are so go with the flow they love their little bro. Jack was expecting an instant play-mate and Ty just isn't at his level yet so I think he is the only one who is a little off his game. The best thing to see is Collin and Ty together... I just love it. Ty loves Collin and it is great to have a translator around when he gets home from school.
Can't you see the love? 

I'm still having some computer/ photo issues and my entire iphoto library is lost somewhere in my hard drive... I am scared to delete any photos off my camera and I am outta memory space until I work it out, so I haven't been taking nearly the amount of photos I expected... just haven't had the where-with-all to try to figure it all out...  plus I'm not that great at that kinda thing anyhow... I'll just start pushing buttons until it works itself out or I find myself in a bigger mess (I think that is exactly what the instruction manual would say to do if I ever took a sec to read it).  The only plus is that instead of photos, I have been taking a ton of video... I can't wait to start Ty's gotcha video.. I already have the music picked out.. Now I just need to carve 17 hours outta my day to stare at my computer screen :) 
Ty thought this bowl was about the coolest thing ever.  I am going to kinda miss being able to thrill him with the little things.
Now for some advice or assistance on the mundane... So we have been to the Great Wall 3 times in 3 years... pretty amazing.  From the first go around I really wanted a photo of me and my man together, no kids on the "wall".  Every time we have tried, every time failed at getting a good one.  This time no different... we are wearing ratty t-shirts and look pretty beat.. i can handle that, because it is reality.. but I really want that other guy out of the photo..he's just a little to close to make the photo frame worthy... anyone know if it is possible?  

Nevermind... thanks Misty, you da bomb!!
peace out from the land of love and chaos :)


Julie Keyman said...

Hello from Georgia. It has been fun to read your blog especially since we were there for a few of those days in China :) I love your new family photo too! Priceless! It sounds like you are all doing great. We are too! We couldn't be happier. We're looking forward to trying to meet up this fall/winter. Keep in touch! (by the way...all of our video was blank when we got home! We are devestated! So much for all the orphanage footage!)


Pam said...

Love that photo of Collin and Ty. Love it!

Gretchen said...

So sweet! Glad your home. Ty is just so stinkin cute!

rgshrs said...

Oh Amy, I have been catching up on your blog tonight. Ty is simply AMAZING! The picture of him and Collin connecting....just awesome. I could not be happier for you. Loved the trip blogs and photos. Kobi in China...TOO CUTE! I love that she got to soak it all in with you. Love the new family photo. God bless girl!

Mommy said...

Dear are still disappearing! hahah! Love the new fam photo! Precious...

Vicki said...

Hey Amy! Your new family photo is fabulous! I am so happy to see Ty at home with his wonderful family. What a treasure! I would love to touch base with you about your time in Nanjing as that is where we will be heading in a few months. :-) Vicki