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Monday, October 11, 2010

So obviously I am slacking on the blog.. it has been at the very bottom of my to do list. Hence my ubber long catch-up post. We have had a great week. It is so amazing to watch Ty as he experiences so many firsts. We are running on Christmas morning excitement and energy level 24/7 around here.
 We went to the pumpkin patch/ corn maze a few nights ago and the kids all had a great time. 

I can't believe how well Mina is doing with the transition of adding another kiddo.  Bringing Finn home rocked her little world last year, so I was quite worried this time around, but she hasn't skipped a beat. 

It was so fun to watch Ty go from being scared of the petting zoo, to ecstatic about feeding them within 10 minutes.  We have been seeing that a lot.  

We get this full out smile and giggle 20 times a day for things as simple as baking a cake or swinging on a swing, or jumping on the trampoline, or playing pl@y dough.....

I can't believe what a sweet boy he is.  I will admit that we had a few melt downs in China that flipped me out a bit. It is so funny, knowing him now, knowing his fears and how he ticks.  It all makes sense.  He is such a blessing. 

More firsts.... So Ty had obviously never been near a bike.. he started with a tricycle/ hotwheel and moved up to a real bike within 2 days.  He is so proud of himself... and if you tell him that he should be embarrassed of the pink helmet I will be really upset.  He could c.a.r.e...less!  
A lot of time of our weekends is spent like this.  We had signed Mina up for a team because she was begging to play, but she chickened out.  
Even though Jack's games are a little intense, Ty sat and watched the game and kept pointing to himself and pointing to the field...
so I made a call and asked if Ty could play in Mina's spot.
Now realize that 3 days before this, we were playing soccer in our front yard.. Ty would grab the ball, line it up touching his foot and more like push it with his foot- not kick it.
But when we put those cleats and shin guards on him,,, he lit up like a Christmas tree.  He doesn't care which goal he's kicking it into,,, just that he gets a chance to kick it :)  
I thought this was funny... 2 weeks home and he is looking like the typical American jersey & a wrist full of silly b@nds...
Then he jumped back on the field and mid play he spots my camera.. he had to stop and give me the "peace fingers"  which is a true China move :)

Another favorite.... he could do this all day long!  The trick is to get him to hold the wheel at the perfect angle to keep them going in a big circle.. other wise you'd be chasing him around like a crazy person.  

Now for my keeping it real photo...  So we have learned that Ty is ridiculously sensitive..  A trait that he did NOT show us at all in China.  When we went to the pumpkin patch, the girls were throwing horse shoes.  Ty got excited picked up a horse shoe and jumped in front of them.  To which I responded by screaming "Ty W.A.I.T" for fear he was about to get clocked in the head.  He thought I was yelling AT him so he sulked for the next 15 minutes and had tears rolling down his face. Of course I can't explain that I didn't want him to get hurt, so he was broken hearted.  This happens a few times a day, when you say things like "no, you can't do that", I know- how dare I.  Although communication has been much less of an issue than I expected, it will be great when we understand each other.
Here is the photo of Ty sulking while I am trying to take my annual kiddos in the pumpkin patch photo.  I'm sure my screaming "look at me"  "over here"  "say cheese"  "say Ice-cream"  "look at me"  didn't help matters.  No seriously, my kids always sit amongst the pumpkins perfectly posed and smiling at the camera.  I would never sound like that :)


Bailey said...

I am so happy to hear that you all are doing well. Ty looks so happy, and the rest of the family seems to have welcomed him with open arms (way to go Mina!). Congrats!

chksngr said...

AWWWW!!! I'm all choked up!! I love how he just fits right in on the soccer field!! DIG your new family photo in the header too...what an amazing family you have!

Melissa said...

It just seems (from the pics, at least) that you have always had him. I know the transitions are tough and trying, but I know it will all eventually come out in the wash. As the reverred (NOT!) Dr. Phil says, "Kids are resilient." I do agree with him on this point, though. Hopefully, once the language barrier is less of an issue, he will understand dispciline vs. anger.

I'm so excited you have him in soccer. Our girls are playing, too. Eric is the coach. I love it! I agree with the second commenter. I started getting misty when I saw him in his soccer uniform.

Truly Blessed said...

Oh Amy, he's just perfect in your family! LOVE the shots of him playing soccer...

Such a beautiful family!

Angie said...

Great pics! Seeing all of you makes us miss you even more-our kiddos are counting the days until we can come visit again-we all had sucha great time together!
Would love to chat by phone with you soon!

Ang, Dan and the fam