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Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend update

Wow, what a week.  everything is still moving at a break neck pace 'round here.  For right now I am going to keep trying to post, but it may just be once a week as I am trying to rid my schedule of anything that is not completely necessary.  I am really trying my best to "be present"  with all the demands of the kiddos, and all is well unless I try to do something crazy like actually accomplish something.  I have a ridiculously short "to do"list for today, and my husband actually laughed at me when I told him of the 3 things I would like to accomplish today.. He's been home all weekend and he realizes..doing 3 things other than tending to the kiddos all day is a near impossibility these days.. but this blog post is one of 3 so..if I actually make it to the end and your reading's a good day :) Here's a recap of this weekend..  
My boy turned 18!!  He requested the "ugly cake"  it is his favorite.  

Have you ever had "fried ice cream" from a Mexican restaurant?  This cake is my take on his favorite dessert.  Vanilla Ice cream, cinnamon, vanilla wafers, carmel and corn flakes.  It sure isn't pretty, hence why we have named it the ugly cake.  but it sure is yummy.  

We also have some family in town and we couldn't pass up a chance to take them to a nearby zoo/safari and soak up a perfect fall day. 

Kobi feeding a buffalo/ bison? Is there a difference?  I was calling it a buffalo then our buggy driver was telling us it was a bison.  

Me and my shadow :)  This is the song that goes through my head all day as Ty follows me around and hangs on my every move.   I have to give him some credit though, he really is starting to venture around the house a little bit with the other kiddos. 

The park had a super cool haystack maze...much more fun than the corn maze of last weekend. 

I love this stinkin' kid.  so sweet, so easy. so mellow. so funny.  a man of few words for sure. but when he does have something to say it usually is worth listening. (with the exception of his new and every stat about the game for the last 10 years)  

Mina's crazy Mama was chasing her and the gang through the maze, she was having a ball in the haystacks, that was until the kids got separated and she was lost for a full 4 minutes and terror ensued for my little anxious three year old.  All ended well, when another Mother, who was calmly walking through the maze with her children, found my baby and looked at me like I was the most immature mother ever.  

Then, Marc and the kiddos starting launching pumpkins,  who knew that could be so much fun!  See I guess Marc and I are both total kids at heart when it comes messing with the kiddos.  
It must just run in the family? 

Then yesterday us ladies had a fun day, or it least I did.  My Mother-in-Law, her sister, and their friend are also in town this week.  We have been having a ball.  Their friend Rosalba, lives in Colombia and has a restaurant there.  She is quite the chef.  I have always wanted to know how to make Spanish Empandas from scratch and I got an amazing cooking lesson yesterday.  Of course my Mom-in-law and Aunt had to translate but it was so fun.  The Empandas were so yummy.  I can't wait to make them again!  

Isn't she beautiful!  Our house felt very multi-cultural this week, with Spanish and Chinese being spoken all the time.  I just love that!   Of course Kobi jumped in on the action and was rolling, filling, and pressing Empanadas like a pro in no time.  

This is the real deal,  so good.  We also made some spicy fresh Ahi (which is pretty close to salsa)  to drown them in.  

Peace out y'all,  I'll plan on posting again next weekend unless there is something that just can't wait or I find a few hours laying around here or there... also really want to finish Ty's gotcha video.  I am almost done, and I love it.  It makes me cry every time I watch it back,,which of course  how I know its good :)


Love for Lilly Yin said...

I can't wait to see Ty's video! You are really on top of things....its a year and half later and Lillys still is not finished, ugh!

It will get better with Ty. Everyday he will feel a bit more safe, and will adventure more. Lilly had to "learn" how to play! She had no idea how!

I am just a stones through away if you need any help!

Mommy said...

Glad to see you are still alive. ;-) I've been out of pocket but would love to talk soon if you can carve out a few minutes. The new pics are precious and Ty looks like he's doing well. XOXO.

groovy mama said...

How on EARTH, do you make a video so QUICK????? I have been home with ELLA for almost a year and just started making it! I have to retouch every photo and go through song after song, but so far i have pick 3 and i need one more song! Imovie is great but it takes me FOREVER!!!! What is the song you have on your girls video that is chinese???

oh and The food looks so yummy!

Amy said...

just had to respond to my girl "groovy mama" aka donna... i finish my videos so quick because i am a "good enough" girl NOT a's the only way i survive around here :)

Michelle said...

Love the photos... Happy Birthday Collin... We need to get together real soon..

Duchess of Lanier said...

Sweet and savory weekend indeed!
What a joy filled time you all are having this fall!
We can wait; go love on your babies!
In your free time could you post the deliciously *ugly* cake recipe? It meets our rule of "if all the ingredients are good, the product has to be good."
Happy Fall!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and I love empanadas; I made them from scratch a couple years ago and they were labor intensive but soooo yummy!
Did you go to Lazy 5???

Gretchen said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. Your bunch is so cute, as always!