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Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer fun

We are counting down the days until summertime.

I have to admit the few weeks before summer hits, I feel a sort of Mommy panic,

and the voice in my head sounds something like this, "what the heck am I gonna do for 10 hours a day for 3 full months to entertain 4 kiddos of varying ages"

Here is what I have up my sleeve so far... see this it is a play house in our back yard,

it actually looks more like a haunted house. The kids don't really play in it and it is not really inviting,, it really just seems creepy. So a big part of " Kamp Kiddo" is going to redoing this play house, here is my inspiration picture.

(i found this image here )

I am already scoping out cr@igslist for a bunch of cheap pavers so we can do a patio all around the play house. I think I can score an aluminum roof from L@wes too. It is pretty roomy inside and has a built in wood play kitchen which will surely get an overhaul..and a kids table. Kobi, my mini me, has come up with the idea of tye-dying curtains for the inside, to which I responded, "i love you kobi". I even found some mini-shutters at a flea market so this will keep us busy for quite a while! I am psyched.

Also check this out... there goes the 'hood , the question is, are my neighbors going to think the clampetts (ya' know, as in the hillbilly's) moved in if we set this puppy up in our back yard just for the summer?

It would be soooo easy not to have to take daily trips to the community pool and lets face it.. putting in a real pool just isn't in the cards these days. I would love your opinion.

Right now this Mama is bustin' her tail on some paperwork so we can go get our little man sometime before the end of the year,

hopefully all of my China paperwork will be done really soon so I know he is not waiting on me(this is one of his younger photos, just too cute)!

Got any more ideas for Kamp Kiddo, I need all the help I can get! Thanks


Aimee and Cary said...

How old is the little boy you are giong to be adopting?
The pool- they are great, but just make sure it is sturdy and check out your house insurance rates with a pool- liability wise it is a risk but oh, so fun!
Stay well!!!

Cara said...

We have a pre-set weekly play-date with friends all summer long! Everybody (mommy included) looks forward to seeing their friends on Tuesdays! This usually includes a picnic lunch! The playhouse looks like so much fun! Maybe we'll adopt a project like that this summer too! I'm inspired (I think it was the tie-died curtains that did it)!
~~Cara (fellow BAASer)

fullertribe said...

You go girl with the playhouse what a great way to spend time together and they will LOVE it when it's finished. As for the pool go for it! Gabe loves ours of course it stays up all year long but either way it's all good. If Aunt Denise can have one at the farm then I say that you can have one too! Who cares what the neighbors think!

Emily said...

oh my goodness, i just came on your blog and hadn't seen that you had announced him!!!!!!!!! i know my mom told you, but i am just SO excited for you guys! i have loved and prayed for this little guy for so very long and i am so excited to know that he has a family... and even better, to KNOW his family!!!!!

Afamily4Him said...

You seem to have it down :) One idea that might be fun is painting one of the walls (inside maybe?) with that magnetic paint, or the chalk board paint!