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Saturday, November 28, 2009

My ridiculously easy peasy first recipe post.

I'm embarssed, this my first recipe posted on my blog and it should be in a kid's or perhaps a newlywed cookbook. But it is still yummy, VERY easy, and it uses up some of those yummy turkey leftovers. Seriously I almost didn't post it because it is so obvious but here I go..
along with your turkey leftovers (cut up a bit). Add golden mushroom soup ( a bit more flavor than the average cream of mushroom) I added two cans to my mixture. Also add frozen mixed veggies until you get a good turkey/veggie/soup ratio.

Put a pie crust layer in the bottom of the pie pan, add the turkey/veggie mix, then let your kiddo put on the top layer.

Remember we are going for the rustic look so don't stress it.

Bake it up until it is nice and bubbly and golden brown.. 350 degrees for about 45 minutes...if it starts to brown too much cover it up with foil..

Next week I will post my cheater version of Paella. I grew up in South Florida and my hubby is of the latin persuasion so we love spanish food. Paella is one of our favorites,,, I used to make a recipe with clams, mussles,shrimp, chicken & chorizo (spanish sausage).. It is yummy, and if I have a crowd I will still spend the time to make it... but for weeknight dinners,,,not a chance... I have come up with a new version I call "Cheater Paella" and it is equally as yummy and takes a mere fraction of the time. (My husband will be excited when he reads my blog, it's one of his favs)


Sarabeth Hudson said...

I think your pictures are great :) Glad you made the leap!

Kim said...


I could dig into some of that right now!


Annie said...

Looks great!! My hubby loves chicken pot pie so I will have to try it!

chksngr said...

Love us some pot pie!!! ever tried putting refrigerator bicuit dough on top? Instant dumplings! LOVE this!