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Monday, November 16, 2009

Girls and their messes

Our home will never been photographed for an issue of Better H@mes and G@rdens, I'm okay with that, I really am. If my floors aren't covered with random pieces of P@lly P@ckets, and I have less than 2 loads of laundry piled up, I am a happy woman. Keeping my expectations low makes for a much happier Mama. Marc and Jackson were camping last weekend so Kobi and I had a little bit of girl time. Nothing makes my girl happier than doing a "project". The messier and bigger the better, and we don't care that it is a Christmas decoration, just in time for Thanksgiving. We drove the babies crazy with our mess of scissors and paper that they couldn't much "help" with, but you could see Kobi's little eyes just beaming. There were little paper shreds all over the dining room, she loves when she is covered in craft scraps, it's her happy place. She loves that her project is prominently displayed in the foyer of our house, and the fact that she waited for her little brother to hang them on the light fixture with a fishing pole.


chksngr said...

You are a woman after my own heart! Projects! That require scissors and fishing line AND a fishing pole! What a rockin' mama you are!!! I can see why the little girls were frustrated...I would want to be up to my elbows in that kind of thing!!!

Kim said...

Oh my Amy....I love it!!! I know another home that will have tiny pieces of paper all over the floor and snowflakes hanging from a chandelier...MINE! I am going to take your idea and my little artist will have as much fun as yours!

Hope you have a fantabulous week

Thanks for sharing!

Kathleen said...

And yet again, I ask you - "Can I be part of your family?" : ) Too cute! (I could put Kobi on payroll to decorate my house for Christmas - let me know if she's in...)

fullertribe said...

Way to go Kobi...They look perfect!

rgshrs said...

Love it! I think Kobi and J would get along famously!! J gets homework with her PreK class and she is never happier than when she has the scissors going and scraps of paper everywhere. Count me in for another house that will never be featured, but better than being in a magazine our girls get to have FUN;)

Sarabeth Hudson said...

Love it! Might copy you, too :) How did you attach them to the light fixture???