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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Park

We spent the day at one of our favorite local parks, there is a nature museum attached to the park so after we spent some time playing and riding our bikes we got to go cool off an check out the museum & the most exciting part, holding butterflies. Such a fun day.

This girl just kinda loves seeing all the geese.

Pucker up prince

All the kids favorite part of the morning. They just love these butterflies.


Kathleen said...

Such cute pix! Here's the question- did they manage to avoid all the goose poop that plagues the sidewalks there? : ) LOVE FPark - my favorite growing up - makes my heart happy to see your kiddos enjoying it.

fullertribe said...

Oh my word. Gabe would LOVE this. He has been a butterfly chaser this year. Hasn't caught one yet but he will chase forever!

rgshrs said...

Such cute pictures! Looks like a great time, butterfly's are so cool:) Love the picture of all 4 little ones together! You are so very blessed!