Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice when He could do something about it. But I'm afraid God might ask me the same question.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A first for me..

I read the following story yesterday and it just broke my heart... the people closest to these boys are asking for people to pray and fast. I have never fasted before. I am planning on having dinner tonight but fasting throughout the day. I usually have about 5 "meals" before dinnertime so it is harder for me than it sounds. Especially when you are making so many meals and snacks for little people all day. But the reality is, everytime that I think about lunch, or grabbing a pita chip from the kids snack plate. I think about these little boys and stop and pray for them. The slight annoyance to me not being able to snack myself through my day is so trivial to the pain and fear they are facing right now. Please join me in praying for these little guys. A more complete story was posted HERE on this blog.

The little boy, Mukenya, in the gray shirt has been kidnapped, along with three other little boys. It was witnessed by the boy in the green..please read to see how you can help.
They personally know these people who are working in Afr*ca to help the orphans. Please read the following from Linn's blog and pray about fasting with the rest of us on August 5th for these boys to be freed from their captures.
Sunday night was the first night of the "gradual" home program. The night before the program was to start (Saturday evening) they had a huge Praise and Worship celebration. It was night of great rejoicing. The first children had been selected to begin their transition off the streets by being part of the "gradual" home and Sunday night the program would begin. After the night of praise and celebration though something horrible happened. The details are still not completely known, but four little boys (ages 4 to 12) were kidnapped from the new program. A fifth little boy fought off the men and has been deeply traumatized. They do know that the kidnappers were all caucasions, except for one Ugandan. It is believed that the boys were kidnapped to be taken for child trafficking. There is no doubt that the enemy of these little boys souls hates them being taken off the streets and put in a loving "gradual" home where they will hear about Jesus and meet him personally. He hates that their lives will be forever changed. He hates that they will learn the meaning of family, in hopes of one day being adopted.
Sunday morning we got a desperate phone call and email asking us to pray, asking us to spread the word to pray, asking us to post it on the blog and asking us to ask all who have a heart for the orphan to beg God with us for the safe return of these little boys. These little boys have already been victimized more in their short life than we could ever imagine. They had gradually been learning how to trust. We are reminded that on many occasions throughout scripture God released the prisoners who were being held. He intervened on their behalf. It is clear that God's heart is for the orphan and His will is that there would be no orphans anywhere. I have heard many say that they are unable to adopt for one reason or another...but we can all pray and yes, most of us can fast. We can ask God to move heaven on behalf of these orphans. We can ask God to free these little boys. We can ask Him to reveal these evil people and their evil plot against these precious little boys.

Please FAST August 5, 2009

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Mom Of Many said...

Thank you so much for fasting for these little boys safe return. No word has been heard, but we do know that God heard our cries on their behalf.

Thank you for asking others to pray and challenging them to fast with rock sister - you rock!!

PS Your family is adorable....xo