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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What having a LOTTA kids looks like, really

I was just looking through some old pictures, and found this one. When we were at the beach this summer, I had tried not to wreck every moment by trying to get the perfect photo, so I bribed everyone with the promise of one evening, one hour of me being the Mommy who screams... "look over here, smile, move your arm, open your eyes!!"
I was bummed when I first took this picture, the sun was setting the lighting was perfect, beautiful backdrop, but my littlest subject was just not having it. Now I love it, maybe not hang over the fireplace worthy, but this is what it really looks like to be one of our kids! Can you tell everyone is trying to convince Mina to turn around and sit with them, because the sooner she cooperates the sooner Mommy will be done. 

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chad&mary said...

Hi Amy! It is so good to "meet" you (you left a comment on my blog") I love your blog and your story is so much like mine! Especially the post about your keeping your adoption plans quiet until the right time. We also had questions and concerns from family and friends. Wonder what they will think when we find our son! (That's already in our hearts!) I cant wait to follow your journey and if you ever need to just "vent" let me know. I am pretty much a pro at the ups and downs! My email address is

Warm Blessings!
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