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Friday, January 16, 2009

Uhhh, Amy, the text doesn't match the photos...

Waiting... If nothing else the adoption process is like a patience pressure cooker... Adoptive mommies that are holding a photo of their child know the feeling I feel in the pit of my stomach. Waiting for our daughter is excruciating.
Another family traveled yesterday to our little girls orphanage, they took lots of pictures for waiting families, our little girl is still not back at the orphanage. I am guessing that she is still in the hospital, although the Mom that was there was told that our 1 year old daughter was doing paperwork, not sure what that means. It was a bit like salt in the wounds and it put me in a sad place.
The only way I can relate the feeling is if someone were to take Kobi away from me, put her in the hospital, and not give me any information other than I could pick her up in a few months.. It feels that horrible. Just because I have never held this child in my arms, she is my daughter, I knew her face the second I saw it. I knew she was the plan God had for my life. We will raise this little girl, see her through Kindergarten, tea parties, soccer games, teenage angst, college, weddings and grandbabies.... I am having a harder time than I expected waiting this time around. I thought my busy household would ease the constant wonder.
I am praying that we receive word on our daughter soon, maybe she is getting better care in the hospital than she would at the orphanage and in that case I hope she can hang out there a bit longer, Maybe there are some nurses that are loving on her like crazy! I am also praying that we have the quickest paperwork turnaround that China adoption has ever seen.

Oh, and because I got a different camera today.. I took photos of the kids playing, and I think they are super cute...
This is the face that I get to kiss, when I tuck this child in for a nap!  Am I the luckiest Mommy in the world or what!


rgshrs said...

I know exactly how you are feeling! Well, nearly! We are just weeks away from having Devyn home with us, while she is not on the other side of the world, with us in Florida and her in CT it sure feels like it. I have her photos on my phone from our visit in Oct and thought surely she would be with us by Christmas. One last piece of paper is all that is holding us right now. Praying it comes this week before I lose my mind completely.

Praying that your little one is getting extra special care at the hospital, and you are right, the pictures are super cute!:)


Anonymous said...

I hope you hear something soon...know that my thoughts are with you right now. You may be right, she may be getting some good one on one attention right now =0)

Bobby and Jennifer Barbee and family said...

Praying for you and your little one.... it is so hard to wait when you don't have all the info that you really, really want!

Carmi said...

Praying for a super quick paperwork turn around too! I saw a post on a yahoo group where one family was LID 11/18/08 and got LOA 12/29/08!!