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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The importance of Education, lesson 1

Two weeks ago, Marc took Jackson to a monster truck show..  What 5 yr old boy wouldn't love that. Jackson sure did and he has been talking about it daily ever since...  He has even changed his career path..  He used to want to be a killer whale trainer, ever since a visit to Seaworld last spring, but now he wants to be a Monster truck driver.

 So today, while we were waiting on the front steps for Kobi to come home from Kindergarten, I commented to Jackson that I can't believe he will be starting kindergarten next year.   He looked at me quite puzzled and said " I am not going to Kindergarten, I am going to be a Monster truck driver."  

  Come on how cute is that... needless to say,  quite a long discussion about the importance of education ensued.


eastandwest said...

That is hilarious! And could he BE any cuter???

Anonymous said...

Isn't a childs mind wonderful. A couple of mornings ago Gabe was in the kitchen and was groaning and I asked "what's the matter?" and he told me "I'm early to up". I'm still laughing at that one today.

Love the post and look forward to each new one.


chksngr said...


I do so love his logic, though...although of all the grades I would have chosen to skip, I think that Kindergarten would have been the LAST one I'd choose!!!