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Friday, December 14, 2007

We have a baby sister!!

We finally told the kids our exciting news about their new baby sister!!! We were trying to hold out because we know the wait will be confusing and hard on them, but we wanted to make sure the good news came from us, and not well intentioned friends and family.... Our sweet girl, who we nicknamed Momma#2 is so excited to be a big sister, she shows everyone pictures of her baby sister and made this Christmas ornament with Mina's picture in it. Tomorrow will be a bit tough in the waiting process because it is Mina's first birthday. We are going to make a cake and have a little family party, Momma#2 wants to know why we can't call Mina and sing her happy birthday. I had to say we don't know her phone # yet, but hey,,,, I want to know why too. Why can't I wish my baby happy birthday??? It will be a bittersweet day tomorrow...
Baby J. on the other hand was quite excited about the news of his new little sister, as it moves him up in the family ranks, He wanted to know if now that he was a big brother like "C." if he could play "bad guy video games" like "C" does on his X-box, because of course this is what all big brothers do... He also said he wanted his baby sister now, he didn't want to wait. When we said that we would have to wait a few months, the questions stopped and he went about his business, completely unphased. Oh, to be a self absorbed child.... what a gift!

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