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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I wanna go back

I  L.O.V.E. spending a week at the beach in the summer.  I wonder if I would get sick of it if I was eternally on vacation at the shore with the family.  We all have so much fun, we are all in our glory...well, except for Finn.  If she could have chosen her family to fit her personality she would have been an only child living in a NY city loft.  Her parents would push her on the city streets in a stroller, she would never touch a blade of grass or perspire,  she would spend hours in her front of the TV with a never ending snack bowl.  The rest of our crew would surely wither away if we were stuck indoors.  Soon she will have to suck it up and join the rest of us, but we are still letting her play the baby card and she got to spend a week in luxury at camp grandma, running errands, watching Dora, and getting showered with undivided attention.  I'm choosing to not feel like a guilty mom for ditching a kid for our family vacation and calling it a win/win.  But here's photos of our fun family vacation minus Finn :)  
My girl in all her glory.  She could play right here all day, every day.  

 Our favorite beach sandwich..fresh thick mozzarella, tomato and basil...
 The kids favorite must have beach drink yoo-hoo  aka  "Boo-hoo".

 Ty's hair is getting a little bit out of control.  I love his hair, and I don't have the heart to cut it.. I wish I could just transplant it to my head.  It can get so shiny you can nearly see your reflection in it.

 We have a sand castle contest rivalry each year.. It all started with this book, it was Jack's favorite a few years ago.
The premise is of course a sand castle contest but the clincher is the winner gets a "bathtub full of ice cream" .  So we divide up into teams, talk a little smack, and have fun.  Here is this years results:  
 Mommy, Ty & Mina:
 Papa and Jack
 Collin and Kobi
 Collin and Kobi ended up winning... even though you can't see it, they have tunnels with live fish  swimming around...that sealed the deal.

Usually we have a big boat/bathtub to keep with the story for our ice cream reward but this year we had to only pack the necessities as we had to load down the minivan with all of our beach gear, all of Collin's college stuff, and 7 people so we left the bathtub home and just mixed up these bad boys.  The winners always share their prize with the rest of the fam...
 The indulgence looks like this...

 When we talk about our beach trip during the year..  the first things the kids ask..."Are we going to have our sandcastle contest???"  

 I had this visual this year of us in about 15 years, renting a big house,  inviting all the kids, the spouses and families, they each go head to head in a mega sandcastle contest, and I make a ton of these obnoxious concoctions.

 I doubt a year will go by in our family history that we don't relive this tradition.  It's a keeper.
 Ty lost his other top tooth and then dropped it in the water.  I picked up at least 100 tiny white shells before I found his tooth.  I was determined! When I lost my first tooth I dropped it in a gravel driveway never to be found again and of course,  was scarred for life.  So I was on a mission to find Ty's tooth in the waves!
Put them boys to work!  

So long summer!  We miss you already.  


Cheri said...

Wow, it looks like so much fun. I have to admit, the sandcastle story being told years from now brought tears to my eyes. I love family and memories. It all makes me melancholy.

Sarabeth Hudson said...

I can NOT believe you found his tooth!!! I saw your Finn basking in the wonderfulness of being doted on my her grands while you were gone. She was having a great time! Looks like a wonderful vacation. Hope to see you soon!

Sarah said...

Loving these new tradition ideas... book tie-in and all. We are big beach people too. Poor Finn~ maybe the ice cream will lure her in next year! :)Although G'ma and G'pa all to yourself might even beat out a big bowl of ice cream! Glad you guys had a fun end of summer hoorah.

chksngr said...

That is an AWESOME tradition! I LOVE it!! Imagine what it will be like when your grandkids get to share it! PS...extra "mom" points for finding the tooth...I would have given up.

Kathleen said...

LOVE IT!! (and love the cheery yellow place you stayed in - can't be sullen in a place that happy!) Classic sandcastle pictures - how to change things up each year...?? Wow...what were the huge things on top of the sundae - candy bar pieces? Mmmmmm...(drool wiping...)

Joy said...

You have got to look at the most recent cover of People magazine that has the Jolie-Pitt family on it. Your son, Ty, looks just like one of her sons (I think Pax).

Joy said...

Here's a link to that People cover:,,20518819,00.html

Gretchen said...

Love your sweet boys smile...especially with the missing teeth. Missing pics of Finn though...sniff sniff

Amy said...

Joy, you are so funny. I once had to do a double take at a grocery checkout because I saw their son on the front of a magazine. he does look just like Ty!

kristi said...

Okay, I'm so gonna steal that family tradition. That is AWESOME!!! And when we go to the beach with my sister and her family, we've got six kiddos to work on castles.
Great stuff Amy!