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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

trivial girl stuff

I was so excited a few months ago when we moved into our new house.  I was amped to make a bunch of changes, to paint, to decorate and to have "projects" for myself.  I love a good project!  Well, a month after we moved in we decided to bring home Ty, so all of the projects went to the back burner... I could have cared less about anything but bringing my boy home.  But now that we are home and settled surviving... I need a good project to get myself back a little.  It may sound like I am just making myself more busy work, but I really enjoy it.  

We have this one space that in the few short months we have been here has been through 3 transitions.  Since we live in the South we don't have a mudroom, so I tried to create this little space for the kids to drop their shoes and backpacks, this was the second try.... and I will admit that this is what it looked like after it was cleaned up.. and no less than 17 jackets, sweatshirts and bags were taken off the top of this bench.  It was the first thing I saw when I came home (through the garage) and it stressed me out.   

So thanks to Cr@igslist...I came up with this solution that is working wonders!  Everyone has their own little space, even Ma & Pa :) The kids think it is really cool too and they decorate the inside of their lockers with little pictures, and I even have gotten a few little " I love Mommy" love notes taped inside mine.  That is what I shoulda taken a photo of, darn. but I'm too lazy to do it now.  

Anyhow, when we were holed up in our house a couple weeks ago due to the snow/ice storm of 2011... I started to get frustrated with my surroundings...and put our dining room set and our kitchen tableon cr@igslist, and sold them both.. 

so now we are a family of 8 with nowhere to sit :)  I feel so sorry for my hubby and the amount of crazy that I bring to his simple content self.  
We are in desperate need of some paint throughout the house, this builder beige makes me sad.  I also need to figure out a solution for my kitchen which completely brings me down.. those dark cabinets are my nemesis... Oh how I wish the previous owners would have just left the old ones in so my hubby would let me I could paint the bottom ones and put open shelving up top.  This dark space is suffocating to me :( 
 I did find a new kitchen table.. It is super cool, made out of an old barn door..but I don't have any chairs :)  You can see a hint of the table in this photo.. I will show it again once I figure out the seating issues :) 
Off to figure out some paint colors :)


Mommy said...

YAHOO! I love trivial girl stuff! Can't wait to see the paint colors.

Shannon, Penny, Elias, Norah and soon to be Samuel..... said...

Love love super love your house!!!! I love the lockers too!! Oh show us more!!!!!! :)

Mollie B said...

Before you get crazy again and sell stuff let your friends know. I would have loved to have had your dining room table for my kitchen. I would have had to measure to make sure it would fit but would have loved to give it a try. I love love love the lockers.

Merrill said...

The lockers...totally cool! Love that idea!

Santiago said...

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