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Monday, January 17, 2011


We decided last minute to jump in the car early Sunday morning and soak in some more winter fun...
We packed up our sleds and headed to the  NC mountains where there has been a ton of snow lately.  We stayed at this little spot, it is modest, but it is very clean and always has tons of games, movies, and snacks readily available...and the inn keepers are crazy nice...We love it 'cause it's affordable and they had last minute availability to house our crazy crew.  They also gave us some tips of some great free sledding spots that most tourist don't know about...  We had a blast
It was perfect weather, tons of snow, but not to cold or windy.. we all ended up tossing our jackets and spent the day playing.  I even whipped up a crockpot full of chili right before we left, which I plugged in as soon as we checked in.. then when we were done playing.. dinner was ready and waiting.  (another cheapo score)
Yeah even the biggest kids had a great time.
A serious moment from my little beauty...her eyes are so soulful.
I will be putting bricks on these two hooligans heads while they sleep tonight.. I need to make them stop growing..
I played around with taking these "hill" pictures...I think they are funny.. wish I would have kept it up and taken some better ones.. I will be trying this again next time I find a good spot 'round here :)

His pocket sized Mini-me.

 Ma & Pa
I loved that I had my camera when I walked in on this little sister moment... melt a mama's heart.

Fun times that are worth all of the laundry piles and unpacking :) 


Michelle said...

We are heading up to the mountains this weekend for Hubby's Birthday...

Kristi said...

Okay, I was teetering on being jealous of the snow fun all you metro area folks had. And then you go and head to the mountains to enjoy more?
Now I'm totally jealous. (We only got ice here in the triangle area)
But I'm glad for your family that you took advantage of the moment and stole some extra time together.
(And thanks for the hotel tip!)

Jenny said...

What a wonderful little get-a-way! Looks like y'all had a BLAST!