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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decking the Halls

I'm so glad y'all liked Ty's video.  I am so happy to be done with it so I can stop obsessing :)  I had a few hours to "myself"  when we headed out for our Thanksgiving road trip.  It sounds pretty odd, but I love the thought of a long car trip, since all the kiddos are strapped in with movies to watch and it gives me a few uninterrupted hours to get some things done.... hence why the video was done the same day we got back from our trip:)  

We had a great time in the mountains..  I loved being able to soak up the kids and not worry about the household chores that await when I have a free moment here and there.  We all had a fabulous time.    The day we left we stopped by a Christmas tree farm to cut down our tree.  It is always a big fun family event and everyone enjoys it... Here we are looking pretty rough after 4 days at a cabin in the mountains.  
 Of course we came right home and started decorating!  This is what it looks like to have 6 helpers in one room on one project... oh the chaos...but we wouldn't have it any other way.  All the kids love looking through all the ornaments that they have made or picked out over the years.  

I swear Ty must think we are a bunch of lunatics... First ,last month with our obsession with costumes and pumpkins and now spending hours searching for a tree to put up in our house and decorate with toys and lights...

He sure seems to be having a ball though... His language is coming along slowly but surely.  He refuses to speak in Chinese at all. Which is kind of sad because I know he is losing it so quickly.  Collin is bummed to have lost his little Chinese talking buddy, so he still only speaks to him in Mandarin. 

There is one side of the tree that seems to have more than its share of ornaments... hmmmmm?
 Jackson had the honors of putting the angel on top of the tree... We walked in after a long trip, our car was packed down with laundry and all the "stuff" that comes with a road trip of a rather large crew...  All the kids ran into the house and dispersed quickly to play outside or to hit the playroom... Not our little man though.. right away he started unloading and asked what he could help us with....So we responded with... "you rock kid, you want to be the one to put the Angel on the top of the tree once it is all decorated?"  Such an honor :)


Jenny said...

Awww....what fun and what precious little helpers! Your tree looks AWESOME! I'm sure this will be such a special Christmas for you all!

Gretchen said...

Nice tree! Love those mountain vacations.

Kristi said...

We were in the NC mountains for Thanksgiving too ~ and visited a tree farm for our tree. But our weather wasn't so good...
Wonderful pictures of your tree trimming. I especially love the one of Collin and Ty!