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Sunday, December 5, 2010

I love being a "bloom girl"

The Bloom Project had a great night Friday night.   One of our "Bloom Girls"  threw a Christmas shopping party to benefit Bloom and it was amazing.  There were several vendors there with all kinds of amazing things.   What an inspiring night, all for the benefit of orphans!!!!  Some of the Bloom Girls traveled to Haiti two months ago and got the chance to hug and hold some of the orphans that we sponsor.  We asked the wonderful directors about some of the things they needed and one of the things they mentioned was church clothes for the kids. They can not take the kids to church unless they are properly dressed so they desperately want all the kids to have their very own set of "sunday bests"!    We created a Christmas Tree Wish list for the orphanage.  So you can purchase an ornament that represents a donation of a gift in your recipients honor.   Here is how the tag reads....  

And here are the beautiful ornaments (one of our girls donated some beautiful ornaments purchased at cr@te & Barrel, so 100% of the profits go straight to the orphans!).... 
Here are some of the items they requested.... 
Sewing Machines $200 each

5 yards of fabric-   $50 each
   yarn for knitting-    $5 each
soccer balls -      $25 each
        basketballs-       $25 each
       ballet shoes -       $20 each
        tap shoes -          $25 each
girls church dress- $15
boys church clothes - $15
Powdered milk - $10 (per one month supply) 

This was a hit at the party last night and a great holiday gift for that certain someone who already has everything, and has a heart for  orphans!  We would love to extend this to you and your friends!  You can choose any donation item and head on over to the Bloom blog and pay by paypal.... if you live close by you can pick up your ornament gift bag or, if you add $2 to your purchase we will send the wrapped ornament with gift tag explaining the gift and ship it directly to your recipient! (just leave us the address in the paypal checkout instructions)  

Also please help us spread the word!  if you post about this on your blog or facebook or BOTH!!! leave us a comment and we will enter you into a raffle to win a $25.oo give card to St@rbucks! 

Best yet, after Christmas we will post photos of the kids getting their Christmas gifts...the joy on their faces will surely be my best gift of the year :)


Sarabeth Hudson said...

I hate I missed the night, but will be over to the blog to shop and will definitely repost to spread the word :)

Annie said...

OK AMy, you got me too!! I will come back later and order something!!!

Annie said...

Hey Amy, I went to the Bloom blog and tried to donate but it said that this merchant was unable to recieve money right now??

Gretchen said...

Sorry..I am behind on reading blogs.

I will put the site for Bloom Project as a resource for my non-profit organization, Loving God's Children.

What a great idea with the ornaments. I love creative ways to minister to the orphans.